'The Bachelor' 17.03; 3 Minutes in Heaven or a Bad Fall?

1297730959pre-3759039982614607294Oh look! Another gratuitous shirtless workout scene!! Was anyone surprised? because if so you should look at what I said last week again…

Date One:

CHRIS HARRISON, LESLEY M., SEAN LOWELesley M gets the first 1on1 date with Sean for the week. How do these girls know what to wear on their dates? Do producers tell them or..? They go to the Guinness World Record museum where they have a cute normal date until he reveals the real plan: to break the record for longest on-screen kiss. Who knew kissing in front of people was a full date idea? 1 minute into the kiss and they’re realizing it’s a difficult task. Sean’s starting to cop a feel and they’re both chuckling but trying not to break contact. The romantic music starts playing and they both do journals saying how amazing the kiss was and how happy they are. I guess they got past the awkward phase? The night portion arrives and they’re sitting on top of a building for dinner conversation. Have you ever noticed that they never actually eat during the meal scenes? She can’t handle the natural pauses in conversation that Sean seems happy to have and during their conversation it seems like she’s never looking at him. Why so uncomfortable? But then she explains that she’s nervous and journals that she’s falling for him.

Date Two:

DANIELLA, TARYN, LESLIE H., SEAN LOWE, DESIREE, AMANDA, CATHERINE, KACIE B., ROBYN, JACKIE, TIERRA, KRISTYKacie, Robyn, Leslie H, Kristy, Catherine, Desiree, Taryn, Amanda, Lindsay, Daniella, Jackie, and Tierra are all on the group date together. They show up to the beach and all the girls get into bikinis and yell for Sean to take of his shirt. At least this time it’s acceptable for him not to be wearing one. Chris shows up, breaks the girls into two teams, and they prepare for an intense game of beach volleyball. The team that wins gets the night portion of the date with him while the losers have to go back home. Everyone is rather pitiful at beach volleyball, but isn’t Sean being on a team kind of unfair? He keeps swapping teams though, so I guess it isn’t too bad. After winning, the blue team cheers and brings out the champagne to celebrate while the other six girls cry and go home. A bit mean to celebrate while the losers are still there. They don’t even get to go home in the limo that brought them there! He brings everyone back to his house, and takes everyone away for special 1on1 moments. I absolutely love the Desiree/Sean relationship, they just seem so natural with each other. I especially love that they’re acting like a normal couple and are so goofy. Amanda’s smile is still way too much, pull it back a little! I didn’t realize you were supposed to tell Sean point blank what you would bring to a marriage. This isn’t an interview. The animosity builds between Desiree and Amanda, leading Kacie to get in the middle by telling Sean. KacieKacieKacie… You never get in the middle of minor drama like that! After he tells her she’s acting crazy we get to here her whine about missed opportunities and being sent home. Please stop whinging!

Date Three:

The third date card sweeps AshLee away but not before some Tierra drama ensues. Honestly people, never let the bitchy girl read out the date card. She makes everyone believe AshLee and Selma are are on a 2on1 date together and gets the house mad at her. As AshLee’s getting ready for her date she makes one fatal mistake in saying “honestly, nothing can or will go wrong today.” I wish she hadn’t said that, because immediately afterward Tierra has a “bad fall” down the stairs minutes before Sean comes for his date. I love that Sean is the one to request the ambulance, as though the producers and other girls hadn’t thought of the idea. But once they get there she refuses assistance and curls up with Sean. She’s totally doing all of this for attention, making AshLee miss out on part of her date time. What a conniving girl.


But once the date finally arrives, Sean takes AshLee to Six Flags Magic Mountain which is closed just for them. She’s in a mini dress and massive heels and she’s going on rides? She looks completely absurd with what they’re doing for that day. Being the massively sweet guy that Sean is, he decides to involve charity on his 1on1 with AshLee. Their date definitely seems to revolve around the two girls with them instead of about them which I think is really nice. Sean’s last surprise is a concert by the Eli Roth Band, his favourite. Such a cute, country guy. We get the adoption story that AshLee has been wanting to tell and it’s so sweet watching Sean get teary at the cute story.

Before the Rose Ceremony:

Sean pulls Sarah aside because he wants to assure her he’s still into her. So of course he makes her think he’s sending her home until he pulls out her puppy. Watching Sean running around in a suit playing fetch is definitely a sight to behold. When Tierra steals Sean away from Desiree after having already talked to him all the girls in the house get really frustrated but they start stealing him too. The girls are a bit upset about him getting stolen from them but they all seem so understanding and polite about it. Kacie sits down with Sean to talk about her mistake from the group date but she gets cut off at a pivotal part of the conversation by two other girls. More whining ensues, as always, and then the rose ceremony starts. Just as the ceremony begins and he’s about to call the first name he decides to pull Kacie aside. He brings the rose with him which everyone gets really upset about. Is he personally giving her a rose? No, instead he’s breaking up with her so they can stay friends instead. Ouch.

People Staying:

Lesley (1on1 date), Lindsay (group date), AshLee (1on1 date), Tierra, Leslie H, Catherine, Daniella, Robyn, Selma, Sarah, Jackie, Amanda, and Desiree.

My Picks:

(first episode: Desiree, Jackie, Sarah)
(second episode: Kacie B, Desiree)

Desiree is still my favourite. Every moment they’re together is so cute, but boy did it worry me when he chose Des last!

What did you think of the episode?

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