Take Action Volume 11 Review

Take Action Volume 11

For 11 years now, the talented minds and bands at Hopeless Records, partnered with Sub City, have been putting out the Take Action Compilation Album and putting on the Take Action Tour. The Take Action movement is all about bringing awareness to teen suicide and trying to prevent it. In 2011, Sex Etc. was added to the cause in an effort to raise awareness about sexually transmitted diseases. A portion of the proceeds from ticket and album sales go back to helping the causes.

Every year the compilation is exceptionally diverse, and this year is no different.

The album gets kicked off with “The Lonely” by The Used and goes from disgustingly good acoustic versions of Mayday Parade’s “Oh Well Oh Well” and All Time Low’s “The Reckless and The Brave” to some heavier songs from bands like Itch, Silver Snakes, and Memphis May Fire. Some standouts on the album are the hauntingly good “Pray For Peace (Demo)” by Never Shout Never and the never before seen duet between Plug In Stereo and Tay Jardine.

Regardless of what kind of music you consider to be your favorite, this album has a little bit of everything. Definitely a good buy, and worth the money.

Take Action Volume 11 is set to be released on January 8th, 2013. You can purchase it via iTunes or online via Hopeless Records.

“This year the tour will be benefiting the It Gets Better Project, a national organization created to show young LGBT people the levels of happiness, potential, and positivity their lives will reach – if they can just get through their teen years. The It Gets Better Project wants to remind teenagers going through tough times that they are not alone – and it WILL get better.”

Tickets and dates for the Take Action tour can be found at http://takeactiontour.com/take-action-tour/dates-tickets/

Track Listing

*denotes rare or unreleased


1. The Used – The Lonely*
2. We Came As Romans – Fair-weather*
3. AWOLNATION- Sail (Unlimited Gravity Remix)*
4. Bad Religion – Fuck You*
5. The Wonder Years – Local Man Ruins Everything (Nervous Energies)*
6. Mayday Parade – Oh Well, Oh Well (Acoustic)
7. Falling in Reverse – The Drug In Me Is You
8. Enter Shikari – Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here (Tek One Mix)*
9. Whitechapel – Animus
10. Periphery – Far Out (Instrumental)*
11. Sleeping With Sirens – James Dean & Audrey Hepburn (Acoustic Version)
12. All Time Low – The Reckless & The Brave (Acoustic)*
13. Never Shout Never – Pray For Peace (Demo)*
14. 3OH!3 – You’re Gonna Love This (Wuki Remix)*
15. The Summer Set – Fuck U Over
16. Say Anything – Their Notions

1. Glass Cloud – Everybody Wants To Rule The World*

2. Ice Nine Kills – What I Never Learned in Study Hall (6 Feet Below)*

3. Memphis May Fire – Prove Me Right

4. Upon This Dawning – A New Beginning

5. Parkway Drive – Dark Days

6. SHARKS – Sea Of All Seas*

7. Balance & Composure – Quake

8. Silver Snakes – All My Eye*

9. Broadway Calls – Bring On The Storm*

10. We Are The Ocean – Machine

11. Transit – Skipping Stone (Alternate Version)

12. Seahaven – Understanding (Acoustic)*

13. Set It Off – Dream Catcher

14. I Am The Avalanche – I’ll Be Back Around

15. The Scene Aesthetic – Carelessly (feat. Dresses)*

16. Plug In Stereo – I Hope You Know (feat. Tay Jardine)*

17. William Beckett – 48 In A Hospital *

18. Itch – London Is Burning*

19. Twin Atlantic – Make A Beast Of Myself (Space Brother Remix)*

20. The Animal In Me – Speak*

21. Hell Or Highwater – Come Alive (Acoustic)*

22. Palisades – Bury It (Acoustic)*

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