‘Supernatural’ Recap — Episode 8.11, “LARP and the Real Girl.”


Chain. Mail.
Chain. Mail.

Remember how I said that Supernatural can never have a happy ending? Well, I recant. This week’s episode was obviously an apology for all the emotional turmoil we’ve been put through—or, as some fans are pinning it, the calm before the storm. In any case, I haven’t laughed this hard at a Supernatural episode since The French Mistake.

The story focuses on a LARPing community, where the members are mysteriously dropping dead right before an important battle. At first, I was a little worried that the show was going to make geek culture the butt of every joke like it usually is, but that fear was quickly assuaged when Dean came to accept his fascination with the game and quickly joined in the festivities. From there, it was kind of all uphill.

Felicia Day of course featured again, this time as the queen of the community, and was as kick-ass as ever, practically beating the Monster of the Week all by herself. Well, after making out with it. It was a tragic love story.

Congratulations Supernatural, this thing is actually legitimately terrifying.
Congratulations Supernatural, this thing is actually legitimately terrifying.

Speaking of the monster of the week, another thing that was great about this episode was the step into other lore—this time Celtic, which we usually don’t see on the show. As popular as fairies are in urban legends and folk stories, I’m fairly certain this was only the second episode that ever used them. But they used them well.

All in all, this episode was a little breather, but a completely welcome one. It didn’t have much for plot development, but managed to sneak in some character development regardless, hinting that the brothers may finally be up to letting go of what happened while Dean was in Purgatory and working together as a team again. Which, might not be wholly good, but it will be nice to see them be able to stand in a room for more than five minutes without yelling at each other again.

And, oh, the ending was to die for. Just letting you know.

Catch the next episode of Supernatural next Wednesday the 30th on the CW at 9/8c!

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