'Supernatural' Recap — Episode 8.10, "Torn and Frayed."


At long last, the hellatus is over and Supernatural has started airing again. And instead of easing us in with a nice, happy episode, they decided to get right to the heart-wrenching and grotesque horror of it all.

The main plot for this episode has “Heaven’s most adorable angel,”–according to the entire fanbase and surprisingly, Dean–captured and tortured by the demon Crowley,

Like you didn't know, Crowley.
Like you didn’t know, Crowley.

because no one is ever allowed to be happy on this show for an extended period of time. Crowley and his demon minion manage to crack Samandriel’s case and get into his head, hitting some sort of angel source code and discovering that, lo and behold! There’s an “angel” tablet to go with the demon one. And God knows what incriminating information is on that. (ba-dum, chh)

But of course, Castiel takes it upon himself (after some instruction by the Woman Upstairs) to rescue Samandriel, but needs Sam and Dean’s help. They’re both happy to help, though maybe not with each other—and there’s a fair bit of bitching and moaning on either side, but after some sneaking around, Castiel goes in and rescues the little angel.

The end, everyone’s happy!

Yeah, no.

Besides all this, Sam and Dean are dealing with Amelia and Benny, trying to gain support for their corresponding side-character while simultaneously disregarding the other one, like they’ve been doing for the whole entire season so far. Obviously this is a source of conflict. But, partially thanks to some prodding from Castiel, they both decide to cut ties with the outside world and go back to begrudgingly accepting each other’s company.

The end, everyone’s happy!

No, wait, one more thing.

Your guess is as good as mine.
Your guess is as good as mine.

While they were rescuing the wine hut angel, Castiel had some weird flashbacks to some sort of torture that Naomi performed on him, which looked eerily similar to what Crowley was doing to Samandriel—and we’re offered no explanation at all. Additionally, Naomi decides that Samandriel must be terminated, and uses Castiel to do it.

If there’s any small hope, Sam and Dean realize that Castiel is probably being controlled by someone, him killing the angel he worked so hard to rescue and all—but no one knows who, not even Cas.

The end, everyone’s crying!

Yeah, that sounds more like it.

Catch the next episode of Supernatural, featuring the wonderful Felicia Day, on the CW next Wednesday the 23rd at 9/8c! It won’t be as depressing as this one, I promise.

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