Interview with Chasing Vegas

Chasing Vegas is an up and coming pop-rock band similar to bands like Hit the Lights or Cartel. They recently released their debut album What Happens Here Stays Here, go check it out!

You’ve recently been compared to All Time Low and Hit the lights, tell us a little about your sound:
“We play energetic and catchy pop punk laced with memorable lyrics and big hooks.”

What was the most memorable part about recording What Happens Here Stays Here?
“The friendships we have made over the last year of recording will stick with us forever. It is hard to pick just a single moment because we have gained so much.”

Favorite track on the new album?
“All Stars! We all love to perform this song and the feel and energy of the song was captured perfectly on the record.”

Biggest inspiration?
“Our biggest inspiration comes from this life that is coming at us everyday. It comes from daily mishaps and friendships; from late nights to the long car rides. Our inspiration comes from anything that we hear or see that makes us think ‘hey, I like that.'”

We saw that you followed Warped this past summer and eventually got a spot volunteering with non-profits, who all did you help out with?
“We Started off by volunteering with Mike and Tori at Music Cares trying to spread the word about their company as well as collect donations, We also worked with Warped Eco to clean up the venues after the event. The Vendor we helped the most was Matt Lillards movie Fat Kid Rules The World with Victoria Morse. Some other groups we helped out were ; Tillys Renee the Movie, Art Feeds, and Silent Listening.”

Any big plans for the end of the year/new year?
“We our excited to release our debut album “What Happens Here Stays Here” on November 6th and hopefully follow with a short northwest tour in December.”

What was it like working in the studio with Brandon Metcalf (He is We, the Scene Aesthetic, etc)?
“Recording with brandon is like recording with a professional friend. Not only did we spend time making this album sound as best as we could, we also had a great time hanging with brandon and creating a friendship between metcalf and the band.”

What’s your favorite part about making music/performing?
“We love being able to perform the music we make for people and the connection were able to feel with our fans while were on stage. We hope to reach out to people with our message.”

Since we are Honest Reviews Corner, what is your honest review of The Summer Set?
“To be completely honest, none of us really listen to the summer set so we’re not quite sure what they sound like or where they are in music. Although we have heard their cover on Punk goes Classic Rock and that was pretty rockin!”

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