Band of the Week: Year Of The Buffalo

Genre: Indie Folk

Location: Columbus, OH


Bio: Year Of The Buffalo is a small town folk band from central Ohio. The band is made up of vocalist and guitarist Jacob Trego, vocalist Jalee  Clendenin, guitarist Daniel Sievers, and drummer Jake Rinehart. The band formed in summer of 2012, and released their first album ‘Darling Laney’ through their Band Camp profile on October 2, 2012. The album was for a daughter of a friend of the band. You can also now pick up a physical copy of the album by stopping by their website. They have played a multitude of shows around the Columbus area, and are eager to play more. They also are looking for tips on how to raise a heard of buffalo.

Why they’re the band of the week: Honest Reviews Corner is a huge supporter of up and coming music. We appreciate those who have a goal and are willing to do anything to work towards it. We love bands that start playing the local scene but dream of playing nationally. We believe that although Year Of The Buffalo is a newer band they have the ambition of some bands that we have seen around for years. They have drive and passion for their craft. They have been able to make waves in the rich music scene of Ohio, and want to create waves in other scenes too!

Check out their music:

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