'Arrow' 1.10 – "Burned"

Someone’s killing firefighters in Star City, one of whom is Joanna’s brother, Danny. Jo is suspicious about Danny’s death, telling Laurel that she thinks her brother was murdered and that this wasn’t an accident at all. Using the cellphone that the Green Arrow gave Vance, Laurel asks for help, but Oliver’s lost his mojo after his run-in with the Dark Archer and is less than committed to the investigation he carries out. It turns out that firefighters are being picked off one by one by a member of their team who is enacting revenge for being horribly burned in a tragic accident a few years previously.

Walter has been missing for six weeks and Moira is cracking under the strain. Oliver and Thea struggle with trying to encourage her to return to her old self while her role in the company is at stake. She eventually emerges from her period of mourning with a renewed energy, vowing to find Walter and take control of the company, citing Thea’s encouragement and interference as her motivation. Thea is suspicious of the about-face but Oliver tells her that it’s a good thing their mother has returned to her usual self.

At a benefit, organized to raise money for the families of firefighters, the badly burned avenging firefighter appears and tries to kill the Chief he said left him alone to die. Green Arrow tries to convince the firefighter to live but he eventually sacrifices himself to the fire, while Oliver realizes that his mission has changed: he’s now hailed in the city as a hero, not a vigilante. And he accepts the responsibility of that.

Vance tells Laurel that the vigilante is a force for good, but is using his daughter as bait in order to capture Oliver.

In flashbacks on the island, we see Oliver take control and begin to learn fighting skills to ensure his eventual escape, killing a man in order to survive and starting to show the beginnings of Green Arrow.




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