'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Episode 4.07 “My Brother’s Keeper”

The best part of a Mystic Falls event is that it brings everyone together and often serves as a platform for some sort of supernatural chaos. And this episode didn’t disappoint. A couple on shady ground, a new couple in the making (at last!), a brother on a hunting spree, and a professor with a hidden agenda. And right at the end, an interesting revelation that has rocked TVD fans!

“Let’s get you a drink and I’ll tell you all about being the bad guy.” ~ Klaus

It’s Miss Mystic Falls and Caroline is at the helm of pulling it all together. She’s in top form, snapping orders, organizing everyone, offering objections for Elena’s man choice, and attending to Klaus as her date–a date that goes surprisingly well. Klaus is all charms and soft smiles, a contrast to his usual vicious vampire self. It was nice to see them this way, defenses lowered, smiling and laughing. Felt for Tyler though who watches the happy scene unfold.

“So none of this matters until Bonnie’s back in touch with her magic. Between the two of us who do you think she trusts to help her get there?” ~ Professor Shane

Damon’s on the search for a new vampire hunter. He’s suspicious of Professor Shane, but seeks out his help in hope that he’ll lead him to a new hunter. He threatens the professor who reveals that Bonnie is the only witch who will be able to unseal the thing they seek at the end of the hunter’s mark. And so a truce is made. For now at least.

Apparently, Connor wasn’t the professor’s only sidekick. Haley is working with Professor Shane and their goal is to break as many sire bonds to Klaus as possible. Hm. Curious to know what this handsome Professor is up to.

“A byproduct of this energy is that you’re going to want to kill vampires and you happen to live with one.” ~ Matt

Stefan’s still on his mission to find the cure for Elena and it starts with feeding Jeremy suspect vampires to kill. Jeremy’s mark grows with each vamp kill and apparently, so does his attitude, strength, and desire to kill more vampires. He kills Stefan’s vamp offering, refuses to share details of his hunter’s mark with Stefan, and retaliates to Stefan’s threats by stabbing him. Ouch. Agitated, he seeks out Elena, baits her with blood, and stabs her in the neck. Another ouch. Matt and Stefan intervene, saving Elena. Again. A fascinating transformation for Jeremy though.

“You don’t have to love me like this. This is who I am now. The old Elena died when she went off that bridge. Let her go.” ~ Elena

Elena seems to finally be accepting and embracing her new vamp status. It was the first episode we haven’t seen her cry. She moves into the Salvatore house to stay away from Jeremy – an awkward moment for Stefan who politely offers to move out.

“Elena’s sired to Damon.” ~ Stefan

Damon and Elena share a few exciting, intense moments during Miss Mystic Falls. Mutual glances and sexy smiles set the tone for things to come. Elena tells Damon that he was the reason she broke it off with Stefan, a wow moment interrupted by Professor Shane. Grrr. Loved Damon’s expression.

In a boozy friendship moment at the end of the episode, Caroline and Stefan piece together that Elena is sired to Damon. Sired to Damon? Really?

And finally, the episode ends with Elena and Damon who finally have their moment. It’s hot and sexy. All rockets and fireworks. Sigh. And then the writers go and ruin it with the sire thing. Seriously?

Points to Ponder

It was nice to see Klaus and Caroline in date mode, even if it wasn’t a real date date. She’s playing along, buying Tyler and Haley some time, but seems to enjoy herself with Klaus. Poor Tyler. Not a happy man and still very determined to get rid of Klaus.

There was a huge shift in the relationship dynamics between Elena, Damon and Stefan in this episode. Felt bad for Stefan, as it’s clear that he still loves Elena but their relationship seems to have run its course, making room for Elena and Damon to have their shot in the sunshine. I had expected the relationship between Elena and Damon to drag on for a few more episodes so it was a surprise that they got together so quickly. And did I say how hot they were? But what’s with the sire thing? A window for Stefan and Elena to get back together at a later stage? Does this imply that she’s not entering into this new relationship with her own free will? Come on.

As for Matt – he’s always the hero, saving one person at a time. He’s cute, so fiercely loyal, and always fighting for the good. Love him.

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