T Shirts 4 Tomorrow – Indiegogo

T Shirts 4 Tomorrow


Denver based pop-rock band T Shirts 4 Tomorrow just launched an Indiegogo to fund their new album. They have excelled in the Colorado music scene and are looking forward to expanding in the coming year. They are asking for $2,500 by midnight February 1st. They have played shows all over the Denver metro area including one with Go Radio and another with This Century. They have a big show coming up on January 25th at The Summit Music Hall, if your’e in Denver be sure to stop by! This band works so hard for everything they have and the opportunity to record this new album is well deserved. Some of the prizes include, merch packs, digital and physical copies of the new album, a private acoustic show (if you’re in the area), and even a night on their pimped out school bus turned tour bus!

You can access their Indiegogo here.

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