Interview with Jordan Johnson-Hinds

Born to a Jamaican mother and a South American father, Jordan grew up in Toronto’s west end.  He is the youngest of five siblings and currently resides in Scarborough, Ontario. He turned down a basketball opportunity from his high school coach to follow his dreams of becoming an actor. He realized that his passion and interests led him to pursue a career within the field of acting. However, his interests widened to include directing short films, writing, and editing. You can catch Jordan on the CW’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ tonight at 9/8c.

What have you been working on since the finale of ‘The LA Complex’ (tell us about your short!)

“Since the finale of the show, I have been auditioning a lot and working on a short film that I co-wrote and produced with my writing partner Ago K. The film entails the life of two childhood friends who end up falling in love with the same girl, but culture and reality become a tremendous obstacle. Cliché… I know [Laughs]. It is a comedy/drama.”

If we heard correctly there will be no season 3 of LA Complex (tear). What would you of liked to see happen to Kevin if there was a third season?

“Yes, sadly you are correct. I did have a tearful moment after Martin called me to tell me the unfortunate news. It was more tears of joy as I was content and honoured to be a part of something so special to countless individuals. The experience will last me a lifetime. As for Mr. Rainer, I would have loved to see Kevin outside of The Lux and to witness his personal struggles balancing his career aspirations, friendships, and being away from his family. A spin-off would be fun! [Laughs].”

Are you still in contact with any of the LA cast members?

“Ennis and I spoke last week about our Toronto Raptors pulling it together very soon [Laughs]. A couple weeks ago, Kris Turner offered some healthy cooking advice. Rice pasta and Lentils..YUM!! Furthermore, we are all friends on Facebook; hence, we stay connected.”

You guest star on ‘Beauty and the Beast’ tonight! Can you tell us about your character and the episode?

“Yes I do!:) I play a superstar rapper named ‘Lil’ Tap That’. I do not want to give away too much information, but I can happily declare that it was one of my favourite characters to play in my young career! It is also guest-starring ‘How to Rock’ actor, Max Schneider, who is very admirable in person. Paul Fox was the director and he was fabulous to work with. It is a really fun and action-packed episode from start to finish. Additionally, many questions are answered between Catherine and Vincent!”

Was there one actor on ‘Beauty and the Beast’ that you didn’t get to share screen time with that you would have liked to?

“Kristin Kreuk! She is amazing in that role and she is truly entertaining to watch. I met her in the hair & make-up room. I would describe her as being very kind and appearing even more attractive in person.”

What was the best part about filming Robocop? Can you tell us about your role?

“I play a weapon’s dealer. I cannot say any more. The best part about filming Robocop–I have two! The read-through….O…M….G!!!!!! Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Jackie Earle Haley, Michael Keaton, Jay Baruchel, and the list goes on. Being in that room was a blessing from God. I would like to thank the casting director Diane Kerbel and MGM. Those moments really put a lot of things in perspective for me as a person and as an actor. My second was after wrapping a great scene with Joel and Michael K. Williams the executive producer, Bill Carraro (American History X, The Adjustment Bureau) came up to me and shook my hand and said, “Good job…you didn’t make us go over.” I just hope my scene makes the final cut.”

Is there another CW show you’d love to guest star on?

“The Cam & Kev Show!? [Laughs]. I would have to say other shows I would love to guest star on are “Nikita” or “The Vampire Diaries”.

What is the last movie you saw?

“The last movie I saw was “Skyfall”. It was an amazing film. I hope to work with some of those amazing talents one day in the near future.”

What is your current favorite TV show?

“My current favourite TV show would be “Rules of Engagement” with Patrick Warburton or “The Soul Man” with Cedric the Entertainer! I love sitcoms.”

What is your favorite tweet you’ve ever gotten?

“My favourite tweet would be when my cousin Mary J. Blige congratulated me on getting a part on “The L.A. Complex”!”


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