Best Movies of 2012


2012 is coming to a close. The Golden Globe nominations have come out and the ‘For Your Considerations’ for the Academy Awards have started as well. Along with many other reviewers, I’ve made a list of my favourite movies from the year. But unlike the Oscars and the Globes,  I’m not judging on best films so much as films I enjoyed. There were many movies I liked and even more I didn’t get to see. When looking back on the year these are the movies that stood out to me most, so watch them and enjoy.




Skyfall has immediately become a classic Bond movie. Sam Mendes’ first entry into the franchise was a magnificent one. Daniel Craig redeemed himself from the mishap of Quantum of Solace and brought it back to Casino Royale standard, perhaps topping his first attempt. I couldn’t have asked for more from a 50th anniversary movie. Instead of just leaving it as a movie on the 50th anniversary year, the writers incorporated so many of the things that have made Bond classic. The Aston Martin, a terrific villain, M, bond girls, the return of Q and perhaps another special lady? This time we delved into Bond’s past before joining with MI6 and I loved the moments where Bond broke from his stoic control and got emotional, especially as it wasn’t over a lady. It was definitely my favourite movie of the year, and as always I’m anxiously awaiting the next.

The Avengers

the_avengers_2012-wideThe Avengers had an amazing cast pulled from Captain America, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and Thor. When I walked out I couldn’t name a single thing I disliked about this movie and everyone I talked to had the same opinion. I was surprised by how well everyone worked together, there never seemed to be any disputes behind the scenes which affected performances and everybody shared screen time really well. I never found myself yearning to see anybody more because their story wasn’t being told because that never happened. I learned about the new characters and welcomed old friends back. And now I’ll sit here in a pile of happy while I await the next installments: Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Captain America 2, and so on…




bernie01 Bernie is a black comedy about the murder of 81-year-old millionare Marjorie Nugent (Shirley MacLaine) by Bernie Tiede (Jack Black), her much younger companion. A heartfelt story with a lot of laughs, I came out of the theatre with an interest in the real events this was based on and a question on my lips. Should Bernie still be imprisoned? At the end we see clips of the real Bernie Tiede in prison with other inmates and he’s making life much better for them. I also discovered that Jack Black can be quite a good actor when he wants to be. This wasn’t a usual role for him, although yes he was still funny. I enjoyed seeing a different side to Black, and because I gained new respect for him this is one of my favourite movies from 2012.


Seven Psychopaths

seven-psychopaths011Seven Psychopaths was a fun ride. With psychopaths like Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell, and Woody Harrelson you know it’s going to be funny and they work off each other so well that it’s like they’re all old friends. Colin Farrell brings the serious side to this film as he compiles stories to use for a screenplay. As they all contribute to his script the film gets a little crazy to compensate and it gets even more fun. With twists and lots of laughs this was one of my favourite movies of the year. I don’t really know what to classify this as. Sure, it’s a comedy about friends but it definitely isn’t your usual buddy comedy. From the same writer/director as In Bruges you definitely get an interesting story along with the laughs. Here’s to more shenanigans from Martin McDonagh.


 The Dark Knight Rises

239080id2a_MR_Bane_BOB_BusShelter_48inW_x_70inH_100.inddThe Dark Knight Rises was one of the most talked about movies of 2012 and it had every right to be. Christopher Nolan brought his spectacular visuals and writing talents from the previous two movies to this one as well. Although many found this lacking after the epic, The Dark Knight, I still thoroughly enjoyed this movie and came out eagerly awaiting the time when I could see it again. Tom Hardy was the menacing killer I expected from Bane, delivering excellency in every scene he finds himself in. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the kind of cop I hope is on the streets in my neighbourhood. He sees what everyone else misses and demands justice for the wrongdoings. My favourite performance of the movie was also the most underdone. Anne Hathaway was exceptional as Catwoman. She had the power and femininity that the character requires while also having an intrigue that grips the audience. Now… When do I get to see this again?


Disagree with my choices? What were your favourite movies of 2012?

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