‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap 4.04 “The Five”

An exciting episode that introduces an interesting new twist. We see a glimpse of the origin of the “The Five” in a witchy ceremony that dubs five mysterious men as vampire hunters. Along with their strength and power, their bodies are marked with tattoos that form a map, deciphered by the sword they yield, and it all leads to the ultimate weapon that no vampire can survive. A cure for vampirism. A cure that remains undiscovered as the map disappears at the death of the five men who die at the hands of Klaus, never to be seen again…until now.

“Just be careful, okay? The blood, the feed. It’s easy to get caught up in it.” ~ Stefan (to Elena)

The Salvatore brothers may still be at war but the fight seems to be lessening and they seem to be finding some mutual ground where Elena’s concerned. Stefan and Elena have some fun during a “hunter defense” class in the woods. After a few reassuring words from Elena, Stefan begrudgingly agrees that Damon teaches her how to feed from a human.

“I care because I’m still me. I still have the same feelings, Damon. I’m sorry if that spoils your master plan to turn me into a super vampire.” ~ Elena (to Damon)

There’s a new face on the scene – a handsome professor that took over gram’s classes at the college. He has an interest in the supernatural and invites Bonnie to the college. A campus full of unsuspecting students? A perfect opportunity for Damon to conduct his vampire teachings on Elena.

Elena’s first victim is a roofy student at a Halloween themed frat party. As everyone is dressed up and covered in fake blood, Elena and Damon fit right in during their feeding frenzy. Elena feeds, loves it, and for a brief moment, gives in to her spontaneous vamp instincts as she gets caught up in the music, the party, and the buffet feeding. She and Damon share a carefree, sexy dance that would bring several frown lines across Stefan’s forehead. They’re bloody, hot, and sweaty – not their finest moment. Elena’s jarred to reality by Bonnie’s arrival and disapproving glare.

“Trust me when I say this. That hunter in there holds the answers to all your prayers.’ ~ Klaus (to Stefan)

Klaus has Connor chained to the wall at home in an attempt to extract information but mum’s the word for this strong vamp hunter. He’s not spilling the beans to anyone, even if he’s helpless and strung up in chains.

Temporarily waving white flags, even if it’s each for their own agendas, Stefan, Rebekah, and Klaus share an awkward family dinner – not void of a few sibling spats. Loved Stefan’s comment about wanting to name all the people he’d rather be having dinner with.

Jeremy’s hauled in and Klaus quickly shoots down Stefan’s attempt to rescue him. As Jeremy is the only one who can see Connor’s tattoo, Klaus wants him to copy the map. Jeremy sketches the tattoo but the map is incomplete as the tattoo only spreads when Connor kills a vampire.

“You have a chance to save Elena and the very thing that’s going to destroy her. You can call it a deal with the devil if you like but you know you won’t walk away from it.” ~ Klaus (to Stefan)

Rebekah and Klaus shed some light on the legend of the five powerful vampire hunters. The brotherhood of the five still exist and they hold something that Klaus wants – the cure. Rebekah was in love with one of the hunters but he daggered her (yet another death for Rebekah), and her siblings. But as we know, it takes a little more than any old dagger to kill the Original family. In retaliation, Klaus killed all five hunters. Their tattoos disappeared with their deaths, never to be seen again until Connor’s arrival. All that still remains missing is the sword that once belonged to Rebekah’s lover.

“It’s just you and me in this, Stefan. Some secrets are stronger than family.” ~ Klaus (to Stefan)

A teary-eyed Rebekah reveals to Stefan that she buried the sword with her hunter lover. Having fulfilled her purpose for Klaus by revealing the whereabouts of the sword, he daggers her. Again. Poor Rebekah. She can’t win. Klaus swears Stefan to secrecy. An odd alliance of two men, once enemies, each seeking a cure for their own reason.

“I learnt how to feed without hurting someone. It was awful. You were right. I got caught up in it.” ~ Elena

In an honest moment on Elena’s porch, she apologizes to Damon and explains that deep down she agrees with his version of how a vampire should be. But she still clings to her own beliefs, not wanting to be that person. Their conversation is cut short by Stefan’s arrival. When Damon leaves, a conflicted Elena tells Stefan she can’t live like this, be like this, and she finds comfort in Stefan’s arms. Got to love Elena’s porch moments. It’s been a platform for all sorts of Salvatore/Elena honesty.

Shouldn’t you be in Mystic Falls killing vampires?” ~ Professor Shane (to Connor)

Connor, a man with great resources that easily rival a vampire’s skills, slays Klaus’s hybrid bodyguard, frees himself and goes to the Professor. Turns out that the professor was the one to send Connor to Mystic Falls. And here I thought the professor was a nice guy. Hm, the mystery deepens.

Points to Ponder…

According to Connor, if a person can see his tattoo, he’s a potential vampire hunter. Does this make Jeremy a potential vamp hunter? With a sister and several close friends as vampires?

The cure for vampirism is another plotline that could bring a few exciting changes to the show. Or will it? It makes sense why Stefan and Klaus are working together – both of them want the cure for Elena. After all, she’s still struggling to adapt to being a vampire and becoming a human again would mean that Klaus could make new hybrids. Will they find the cure? What is the cure? Will it work? And the biggest question of all…if there is a cure to vampirism, which of the vampires would accept it?

For more on The Vampire Diaries, tune in to the next episode, “The Killer” Thursday 8/7c on CW.


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