'Supernatural' Recap — Episode 8.07, "A Little Slice of Kevin."

“A Little Slice of Kevin” was so intense that it took me two days to recover from it and write a recap (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it). But, in all seriousness—it was awesome. I mean, come on, Castiel is finally back, how can it not be?

The episode starts out, as if previous ones weren’t scary enough, at a playground—where a kid gets taken into a bathroom by a demon and kidnapped, a flash tornado ensuing

This is basically everyday Oklahoma, though.

afterwards. Then it gets right to the hook, with Dean driving down the road and spotting…Castiel. Except it was just a vision. He decides to ignore it, and goes back to Sam, who tells him about the case. So, back on the road…

But first, since this is Supernatural, we have to see everyone’s favorite puppy kicked. And by that I mean, Crowley is torturing Samandriel for names, which he apparently got all of. Never let the writers know you like a character.

Anyways, after he’s done stabbing the woobie, Crowley goes and talks to his conglomeration of people he’s kidnapped, trying to see if any of them can read the tablet. When one of them complains, Crowley murders him violently.

Meanwhile, with the Trans—Linda has set up a pretty good demon defense system, obviously having recovered fairly well from being possessed by Crowley. She wants to go on the offensive, and started by hiring a witch (off of Craigslist) to gather ingredients for the demon bombs Kevin knows how to make.

Back to the Winchesters, Dean gets up in the middle of the night because he saw another vision of Castiel right outside the window. Cue a feelings talk, where Sam tries to assure Dean that Cas being left in Purgatory wasn’t his fault—which sends Dean into another flashback, wherein he once again assures his angel that there’s no way he’s leaving him behind.

Back to the Trans, the witch shows up, but only has a small amount of what they need. Mama Tran is obviously upset about this, but they end up being more worried about the fact that the witch apparently was a spy, and let demons into their hidey hole. Crowley steals Kevin, and…Mama Tran completely owns the leftover demon.

Then Sam and Dean are talking about the case again, when out of nowhere Castiel shows up. Actually shows up. The Winchesters are psyched, but Dean is suspicious of how Cas can’t remember how he managed to make it out of Purgatory. Regardless, his worry doesn’t do much good, and Castiel walks off to the bathroom to clean himself up—giving Dean a perfect time to have a flashback.

They finally find the portal in Purgatory, and Dean performs a ritual thing to put Benny’s soul inside his blood or something. Then he and Cas run towards the escape hatch…but get ambushed by Leviathans.

You can’t really blame the guy.

Dean snaps back to reality, and once again voices (to Sam this time) his disbelief that Castiel hopped out all by himself, and they come to the conclusion that obviously, something else pulled him out. But what? (Dun dun dun.)

But Dean’s ruminating is interrupted when Castiel comes out of the bathroom, all decked out in his trademark suit-and-overcoat look, and Dean is too busy hiding his boner to continue the argument.

They let Cas hang around, and he’s watching television when he suddenly recognizes Sam’s list of missing people, naming them as prophets, and explaining that there can only be one at a time. Which means something must have happened to Chuck for Kevin to have become one. Or…does it? (Dun dun dunnnnn.) Team Free Will works out the fact that it’s Crowley…just in time for Mama Tran to call and say that Crowley kidnapped Kevin.

Speaking of Crowley and Kevin, the king of hell is badgering Kevin to read the tablet, and the kid is being obstinate, which kind of raises the question—why didn’t Crowley just make good on his threat and kill Kevin to use one of the other obviously terrified prophets he has in his hands instead of going through all the trouble? But whatever.

Back to the Winchesters, who are meeting up with Mama Tran. But she’s not there yet, so Dean has a flashback to Purgatory, showing how they managed to defeat the Leviathan as a team and get to the portal. But, Castiel kind of slips away. Oh noooo.

Dean snaps back to the present, and calls Castiel out of the car to talk to him, asking again what happened in Purgatory. But their conversation gets interrupted when Mama Tran shows up…with a demon in her trunk who can lead them to Crowley.

Meanwhile, Crowley is going to further lengths to get Kevin to read the tablet, sitting him on the torture chair…and cutting one of his fingers off. Kevin gives into this, and starts reading the Word of God to Crowley, getting to the part about closing the gates of hell. And also, apparently, a “farewell” note from the archangel Metatron, saying that there’s apparently a compendium of tablets—more than just the “Leviathan” and “Demon” ones.

But by then, Team Free Will has showed up, and start infiltrating the factory, peering around corners and ambushing demons and all that good stuff. Except when Castiel has

Guess who’s back, fools

to take one down, he does so with difficultly, obviously not operating at full blast quite yet…yet he still decides to transport into the room Crowley and Kevin are in when Dean can’t get the door open.

Castiel puts on a big show of being glow-y and powerful looking, bluffing to get Crowley to run away…with half of the tablet, the other half snapped off in Castiel’s hand.

But they get Kevin and half the tablet back, and Sam tells the Trans to go stay with Garth, while Dean and Castiel are off to the side having a little heart-to-heart, Cas finally telling Dean that not everything is his responsibility—and touching his forehead to trigger the flashback again with him escaping Purgatory, except this time Castiel intentionally stays behind. The angel explains that he thought he deserved to serve penance for his crimes.

Sam comes over, asks if everything’s okay, and beginALL OF THE SUDDEN A DIFFERENT SCENE.

Castiel seems just as confused as the audience is, having shown up in, apparently, Heaven. An angel named Naomi explains that Heaven sent angels to rescue Castiel from Purgatory, and his repayment is to report on the Winchesters every once in a while, completely without his knowledge or will.

U ok?

Then, just as suddenly, Castiel is right back where he left, Sam and Dean hardly realizing that he was gone, just noticing that Cas seemed a little bothered for a moment. But, all three of them are completely ignorant as to what just happened, and life goes on.

All in all, we can’t have Castiel back for even a single episode without something horrible happening to him, but at least he is back!! Hopefully the Winchesters won’t blame him for all this when they finally find out what’s going on.

Catch the next episode of Supernatural on the CW in…two weeks, on November 28th at 9/8c, because apparently they don’t want to give us anything to be thankful for.

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