'Supernatural' Recap — Episode 8.05, "Blood Brother."

Happy (late) Halloween! Sadly, the holiday’s episode of Supernatural wasn’t themed for the season and it wasn’t quite as spooky as it could have been—but hey, it was good, and I’ll take quality over Halloween gimmicks any day.

We start out with Benny on a dock, and he gets into a spat with a group of vampires that allegedly killed him in the first place. Three of them, and he completely owns all of them. But not without some injuries, as we find out soon enough.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean sneak into a motel room…an empty motel room, and they express disappointment that Kevin, apparently, set them up again. The kid has been

Because Winchesters keeping secrets has always worked out SO WELL in the past!

setting them up for a while, sending them to different corners of the country—which is pretty impressive. This is the Winchesters we’re talking about here. The brothers get into a spat (wow, what a surprise), but it get cuts short by Benny calling Dean for some help. Dean runs to help him, leaving Sam completely lost about this whole thing. And without a car.

He decides to sit in the motel room and look up Kevin Tran. Except he ends up looking up his girlfriend’s information, too, trying to make sure she’s okay. Until a faulty bathroom vent send him into a flashback. I know, they’ll use anything these days, won’t they? In this flashback, he’s staying at a motel and the kid at the desk ends up hiring him as a handyman. Yay!

Back to the present—Dean’s made it to the dock where Benny is and manages to locate the ship he’s hidden himself in, bringing him some bags of blood to feed on. A couple hours later, he’s all fixed up and shoos Dean away…except he insists on staying and figuring out what Benny’s gotten himself in to.

We also get ourselves a flashback, wherein Dean, Benny, and Cas are kicking monster butt and completely sassing each other out. Let’s just say Benny’s sarcasm and Castiel’s relative lack of social skills makes for an interesting conversation. Dean reassures Cas, and reminds Benny, that he’d rather die than leave Castiel in Purgatory. Which raises the question, why isn’t Castiel out of Purgatory?!

Obviously they’re not going to tell us yet, and we get back to Dean and Benny on the ship. Benny explains that he’s going after the vampire that turned him, since that’s who killed him god knows how long ago.

All of the sudden we jump back to Sam, just to set up another one of his flashbacks.  He gets assigned to some chick’s room to fix her sink, and lo and behold! ‘Some chick’ is Amelia, who, unlike a lot of people in this show, manages to freak out that there’s some near-stranger rooting around in her room.

That’s it before we’re back to Dean and Benny, who have a discussion about Benny’s ‘nest,’ which was apparently full of pirates. Vampire pirates. “Vampirates,” as Dean dubs them. In any case, they find out where Benny’s vamp daddy is and take off in the Impala, where of course they have to talk about feelings. The vampire says that his master guy didn’t like it when Benny fell in love with a pretty lady, got in the way of his nest getting one of her boats, and that’s why he got taken out.

They reach the docks they’re looking for and take a little boat out to the island, trekking through the forest to find the lair and then sneaking in. But who should show up but Benny’s long-lost-thought-dead –love Andrea? Except it wasn’t the beast reunion, with other nest mates sneaking up and capturing him. Go figure!

You can’t just touch a woman’s limes, Sam, didn’t Dean teach you anything?

Back to Sam all of the sudden, who is stalking—er, checking up on—Amelia, which continues the flashback. Back then, she had apparently been staying in the motel for three months because she hadn’t found a place yet, and she quickly shoos Sam out of the room. Even if we didn’t know they ended up together, though, it would have been evident already, since Amelia’s wearing a plaid button-down. Winchesters just plain can’t resist plaid button-downs.

He’s broken out of his reminiscing by Dean finally returning his call, explaining vaguely that he’s cleaning out a vampire nest with ‘a friend’. Sam is obviously skeptical since all of their friends are dead, but there’s not really much he can do about it, and Dean just uses his grating voice to lure vampires over and chop their heads off.

Meanwhile with Benny, Andrea sends all the underlings away and then reveals she’s on Benny’s side, giving him a passionate ‘welcome back’ kiss and giving him a knife and means of unlocking the handcuffs he’s in. But then the underlings show back up, with orders to take Benny to their leader.

They have a little villain talk, and all the sudden we’re back to Dean and his flashbacks, because the present is overrated. Benny once again complains about dragging Castiel everywhere, because for one, he attracts monsters like moths to a lamp and two, Benny doesn’t think he’ll be able to get through the Purgatory portal anyways. But their little spat is cut a little short when Castiel announces that they’re Leviathan on their trail, and they take off.

Then back to Sam, again, who takes a car and heads towards the location that Dean texted him, and then has another flashback, wow, wherein his dog (“Dog”) runs into Amelia’s (“Angry Lady”) motel like it owns the place or something. Luckily he seems pretty civil and just lays on the lady’s lap, and she has a nice conversation with Sam about how creepy he is. And…also about how they’re both horribly lonely people. Well, Dayenu.

Back to the big vampire villain talk, which leads to one of the underlings attacking Benny and subsequently getting its ass kicked. Then more villain talk. And Benny kills the leader guy. Yay!

Except then he goes to talk to Andrea, who wants to stay there and continue the pirating operation, sailing the high seas and capturing people to suck dry. Benny’s whole

Any woman who survives more than one Supernatural episode deserves a gold medal

purpose was to stop this, however, and he’s conflicted since his pretty lady is telling him not to. Though he gives a little speech, and it’s evident that he’s planning on killing her. But then Dean, in a rather complex action, saves Benny the trouble.

Luckily, Benny doesn’t snap at him and get grumpy like anyone else in this show would, instead ops to just accept that it was probably the right thing to do and go on, though fairly depressed about it all.

He asks Dean, in his self-doubt, why he went through all the trouble to resurrect him, when Dean could have easily skipped out on that particular part of their plan and Benny wouldn’t have been able to do squat about it.

Cue, finally, the end of the flashback sequence, wherein the Leviathans show up and attack. Dean takes care of one, but one goes after Castiel…and gets taken out in short turn by Benny, who could have easily left the angel to die and not have that liability running around with them.

Back in the present, Dean and Benny come back to the dock, where Sam is waiting, and they have the inevitable tense meeting. And is it ever tense.

Tune into the next episode of Supernatural on the CW next Wednesday, November 7th, at 9/8c!

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