"Seven Psychopaths" will be this year's most underestimated movie


Remember how “Seven Psychopaths” had trailers in almost every movie out for like six months straight and was critically acclaimed by all and called this years most anticipated movie? Yeah, me either. To be honest, this movie had been out for a good two weeks before I even bothered to watch a trailer, and that was only after my friend, who I might add loves Christopher Walken, had me look it up. This movie flew so far under the radar that even on the weekend it opened it was only showing on one screen in the theater. So by the time I finally saw it, it was sharing the smallest screen in the theater with the remnants of “Brave” just before it went to dollar theaters. Such a pity. This movie really deserves more credit than it got, because it is so incredibly creative and original and literally had the entire theater laughing (all 12 of us).

“Seven Pscychopaths” revolves around a screenwriter, Marty (Colin Farrell, Total Recall), who find himself struggling to finish his screenplay entitled “Seven Psychopaths.” He enlists help from his friend, Billy (Sam Rockwell, Iron Man 2) who has a bit of a problem of his own. Billy, with the help of Hans (Christopher Walken, Click) has started a dognapping scheme in which they kidnap dogs, then later return them to collect the reward. This time, however, they kidnapped a Shih Tzu that belongs to a dangerous gangster (Woddy Harrelson, Zombieland). Marty’s affiliation with Billy and Hans makes him guilty by association, and he soon realizes that perhaps the seven psychopaths he’s attempting to create for his movie just might be based on the people in his life.

So what makes this movie great? The fact that it’s not “stupid humor.” We live in a world where movies like “The Hangover” can get away with being comedy because it’s so extremely simple. This movie is not, in any way, shape or form, anything like “The Hangover” or any of its cohorts. This movie is extremely clever and witty and will have you laughing from start to finish. It’s definitely worth it.

“Seven Psychopaths” is rated R for strong violence (a lot of gunplay), bloody images (on-screen head-shots, blood-covered walls, etc.), pervasive language (many uses of the “F-word” and the “C-word” and other scattered profanities), sexuality/nudity (a prostitute is shown topless, and a woman wears a white shirt in the rain) and some drug use (two men are high on peyote).

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