‘Pretty Little Liars’: What Lies Beneath 3.10 Recap

Hanna and her mom got a plant delivered to them and in the plant was a note to Emily for Maya asking Emily to meet her somewhere. Hanna takes the note to the girls and they believe that whatever she knew was the reason she died. Emily looks at the note and realizes that the date on the note is the day Maya died.

Aria goes over to Ezra’s house with bagels for breakfast and begins talking to him about Maggie. She asks him how much someone would have to be paid to fall off the face of the earth. She then gets mad at him for not telling him not telling her about Maggie. He said that there was no real time to tell her and when she said that he could have told her when Jackie came up, he brings up the fact that it took her a long time to tell him about Jenna and ‘A’. She points out that it is completely different and he leaves to hop in the shower.

Back at Hanna’s house, Hanna blew up the pictures on Maya’s site and was looking through them. Emily walked in and was looking through the pictures and came across one with a sign in the back which Hanna recognized as the sign at Noel Kahn’s cabin.

A bit later, Hanna and Emily go to Noel Kahn’s cabin. As they are snooping around, Hanna finds a door hidden behind a bookcase that leads to a room that looks like someone has been staying there. In a hidden compartment, they find Maya’s bag with a knife labeled “LJ” and a card that Emily gave Ali when she was thirteen. There was also a one way ticket that basically told them that Maya never left Rosewood. The girls then get trapped in the room in a horror-esque way where the windows slam with wood as they look to each window as an escape.

Earlier in the episode, Spencer had gotten in to the boys locker room and was looking through Noel’s stuff. He figured out that it was her and emailed her the security footage at the cabin from the night that Maya died.

When Emily goes to break the glass in the window and try to punch out the wood, Hanna takes the knife they found and tries to pry the wood apart. The force behind her trying to pry open the door is so much that when the knife slips out of the crack in the wood, the downward force has the knife headed straight for her leg and she ends up stabbing her thigh. Emily grabs a baseball bat and bashes down the wood and when the girls escape the cabin written on the outside wall is “I’m saving you for later –A”. Once the girls get back to Hanna’s house, Emily calls Wren to go to Hanna’s house and stitch up Hanna’s leg.

When Aria was hanging out at Ezra’s apartment, he tells Aria that he found Maggie. He hasn’t tried to get in touch with her yet though.

While watching the video footage, Spencer sees Maya get to the cabin at 10:04 pm on a bike. According to Garrett’s case file, Maya was in the car with him at 9 pm, so he was NOT the last person to see her alive. Later on the tape, just after 1 am, Noel and Jenna showed up at the cabin. As soon as they got in the cabin, Maya came from around the corner and was snatched by someone as she got beside the car. The tape takes Garrett, Noel, and Jenna out of the equation as Garrett was arrested at midnight, and Noel and Jenna had JUST walked in to the cabin.



The last scene shows ‘A’ watching the news, hanging up more black sweatshirts, and then changing the channel to watch ‘Wheel of Fortune’.

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