‘Pretty Little Liars’: The Lady Killer (aka The BetrAyal) 3.12 Recap

So this recap I’m doing a little differently. Because it was such a big episode (we all know the finales and Halloween episodes are MUST SEES) I’m going to do this one from just the notes I wrote down from my first and second watch, though they are written out a little more to make coherent sentences where needed. (Yes I know this was forever ago, but hey! Always good for a refresher course, too!) Also, I don’t even know that I could write this all out coherently without it resulting in a 100 page long recap! So here it goes:

-Episode opens with someone going in to an ambulance in a body bag with Hanna freaking out. Emily is being questioned by the police and she just seems very out of it. They ask her if the deceased was a friend of hers and she answers “yes.”

-The episode then goes to “two days earlier” and the girls have Emily going over to Spencer’s house so that they can talk to her about what is going on. They talk through what they are going to tell her and also try to figure out what all is going on. When Emily shows up, they show her the earring and Emily thinks that A put it in the bag and is framing Paige.

-Emily is not at school and Hanna keeps trying to contact her and make sure she is ok; Aria tells Hanna about Maggie, the pregnancy, Ezra’s mom, and going to find her.


-Paige defending Emily to Spencer in the hallway and has a baseball bat in her hands. She warns Spencer that if she doesn’t back down, she’s going to get hurt. Spencer tells her “I know who you are” and Paige backs down and walks away.

-Emily tells Paige about the second ‘A’ helping Mona. Has her promise that she won’t tell ANYONE.

-Paige gets a text from A – “Rosewood cemetery at 10 pm (thumb in way) gets hurt. – A”

-The girls talk about how they need to take this to the police because they are worried about Emily’s safety because they believe Paige is ‘A’ and that she is hanging out with Emily alone. The girls then get a text saying, “Stand down bitches. Play it my way and Emily stays safe. –A”

-Mona sneaks out of Radley. How does the nurse NOT realize who it is? I mean REALLY??

-Email ‘Let’s settle this. 10pm Alison’s grave. Bring Maya’s bag. –A” “Tell Emily and I’ll leave you holding the bag – A” with a picture of a black body bag.

-Noise downstairs and a shadow. The girls close themselves in the room and when the door opens it’s only Caleb. She tells him she was going to kill him and he looks at her and says, “With a pink, furry lamp, Hanna?” They show him the emails and he says that they aren’t going alone. It better not be Caleb in that body bag from the beginning.

-Emily is going away and will be far away from Rosewood. She’s going with Nate to the “Lighthouse Inn” to spend time with his family and Maya’s family before everything becomes about Garrett.

-Toby is back

-Maggie shows up at Ezra’s place and Aria is there……. When his neighbor knocks on the door, they take the time to talk to each other and she wonders why Aria hasn’t told him yet.

-Caleb has a gun but Hanna tells him not to bring it

-Mona, in a dilapidated bathroom in her black hoodie, gets a call and tells the person “I’m here” and that she “understands”

-Spencer and Toby have sex. Cue awesome music, AKA In My Veins by Andrew Belle! (Sound like a familiar song? Also heard on TVD, Castle, and Grey’s Anatomy.)

-Before leaving, Caleb takes the gun back out of hiding and sticks it in his bag

-Toby seemed a little shifty as he left…

-There is a new A’s lair and when Mona gets in to it she is enthralled by everything set up in it. She tells the person in the chair that there is a change in plans

-Emily gets a call on the phone in the lodge from someone in a weird voice that says “You have 1 minute. Get out.”

-A is late to the grave.

-Emily looking through Nate’s bag and finds an envelope with her name/address on it. When he gets in, his shoes have yellow paint on them. She then looks through her pictures and finds one of Maya that has a shoe with yellow paint in the picture as well.

-Caleb gets in his car. He is headed to one location and the girls to another.

-Emily has no cell reception. She says she needs fresh air and goes out of the place looking for cell reception. When she gets it, she calls someone and when she turns, Nate is there in front of her.

-In one of Maya’s videos, she talks about a stalker. Behind Emily, Nate has a knife and is banging it in to the wood. He tells Emily that he loved Maya. He killed Maya. He met her at the camp and fell in love with her but got really mad at her when she started seeing Emily. Also, his real name is Landon James….. THAT WAS HIS KNIFE!! LJ!!! He told Emily that he is going to take away something from her and when he opens the closet door Paige is bound in the closet. Emily grabs the phone and makes it look like she was just switching seats and Nate sits Paige down beside her. My sister TOTALLY called this storyline being like the one from One Tree Hill with Peyton and Derek!

-The cabin that the girls go to is empty and Caleb ended up going to the right cabin.

-Emily escapes from the cabin and Nate/Landon follows her. Emily ends at the top of a lighthouse. She has her phone searching for service, calls 911, and when they answer Nate tries to attack her with his knife. She keeps fighting him and ends up stabbing him with the knife when she grabbed it off the ground. Caleb comes running in and comforts Emily. He set his gun on the ledge around the light and when the camera goes out to the bottom of the lighthouse you hear a gunshot go off. Such a stupid decision, Caleb.

-Caleb is fine. He was the one shot, but Nate ended up dying. Paige tells the cops about the text she received. The part her thumb was covering was that Emily would get hurt. She said that Landon ended up getting to her before she could get to Emily.

-The girls go to the hospital while they wait on Caleb to get out of surgery. The speakers calls for Pam to pick up the courtesy phone and while she’s gone, all the girls receive a call that says “Emily, I owe you one.”

-Garrett is out of jail. Something that Emily did that night helped to get him out. I’m assuming it was the fact that Nate is the one that killed Maya.


-Mona is walking back to Radley with someone else telling the person that they have to get a phone back and that if she knew that Noah would be getting Garrett out that night she would have stayed in. After she gets in, the person turns around. TOBY IS FREAKIN A!!!! WTF?!?!?!??!?!

Like I said, I know this was a while ago, but thoughts?? How are you feeling about Toby? I’ve rewatched a number of episodes now and still can’t believe that he is a part of the “A Team”! It’s unbelievable to me! And Marlene has confirmed that he is BAAAD and not just working on watching out for Spencer?? AAHH!!

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