How I Met Your Mother Episode 8.06 Splitsville Recap

This week, Nick starts to annoy Robin, who finally realizes that the only thing she and Nick have in common is sex. Injuring his groin playing basketball for Marshall’s work team, he is ordered not to have sex. With that limitation, Robin notices a bad trait of Nick’s, that she can’t stand: he’s not very bright.

During this time, she decides it would probably be a good idea to go ahead and break up with him. Knowing Robin they way they all do, no one thinks that she will actually be able to go through with it – though they all agree with her that she should – break up with Nick, that is.

So, Barney being Barney, he threatens Robin, telling her that if she doesn’t break up with nick, he’s going to send an e-vite on Robin’s behalf [we know how this show loves using those websites and e-mails] to Patrice, an annoying co-worker of Robin’s, to have a BFF day together. Knowing that he’ll actually do it, she goes to try and break up with Nick – taking him to “Splitsville,” a local ice cream shop known for its break-up scenes.

However, once she gets there, she loses her nerve to break up with him. She contacts the gang, which includes Barney, who immediately leaves – only to show up a few minutes later at the ice cream parlor. Once there, he confesses to Nick and Robin that he is so insanely in love with Robin, and thus needs Nick to back off so that he can make his move on Robin himself. Convinced, Nick and Robin break up, and Nick leaves with a couple of other girls who had just been broken up with themselves.

Of course, as soon as Nick leaves, Robin tries to talk with Barney about his confession, but Barney quickly pretends that the confession wasn’t true at all – that he only said what he did to convince Nick that he and Robin shouldn’t be together anymore. Robin doesn’t look too convinced, and neither are we, for that matter, as we know what’s to come for these two. It should also be mentioned that Barney forgot to cancel the e-vite for Patrice, so Robin still had to have a BFF day with her after all.

Meanwhile, Lily and Marshall haven’t had sex since before Marvin was born [such is the life of new parents] – and between the two, it’s beginning to show. Though Ted doesn’t have a storyline of his own this week, after watching Lily try to turn every situation into a sexual innuendo and Marshall try to exercise away his sexual frustration, Ted calls them out on it. Being a good friend [and showing he had a purpose for being in the episode], he takes Marvin out of the apartment for a bit so that the two can resolve their frustrations and get back to normal.

Future Ted also noted that this episode marks the end of the titled Autumn of Break-Ups, so Lily and Marshall are now save for sure – not that we had any doubt, really.

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