X-Factor Auditions Episode:6

On last week’s episode of The X factor, Trevor Moran was seen on laying on the floor with his mother. Many were concerned as to what happened to him and why is was sickly pale. The heath staff care on hand said he was dehydrated and over exhausted himself with all the energy and excitement he had. After a few bottles of water and Gatorade, he was ready to go on stage. Trevor performed an interesting song, The music started with a very recognizable beat. He has decided to sing the number one hit “Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO . His quirky dance moves and his unique voice won over the judges and he now onto the next round!

Owen Stuart, a sixteen-year-old boy originally from Buffalo New York, moved to North Carolina with his parents. When he left New York he also left his girlfriend Tori behind. Owen decided to try out because with the 5 million dollar prize he would be able to fly back to New York and marry his girlfriend.He dedicates his performance to her. Owen does his own rendition of “Airplanes” by B.O.B also including an original rap. The lyrics were changed to how his relationship with Tori is hard on him and how he misses her. Simon, LA, and Demi gave him a “Yes” but Britney was not impressed. Either way he is off to boot camp with the the other contestants.


Freddie Combs isa surprising contestant on the show. Unfortunately, Freddie is bound by his wheelchair. He has been overweight his whole life. He almost died at his highest weight of 920 pounds. After that, Freddie began his weight loss journey and is now 400 pounds down. He sang “Wind beneath my Wings” and honored his wife with the song. His angelic voice brought tears to some of the audience members. Simon made a deal with him that he would eventually have to stand and that Simon would be right there to support him. With four “Yes”‘s , Freddie is about to start a new life.Lauren Jauregui, a high school student from Miami, Florida, brought her family out for the auditions as her support. She wants that five million dollar prize so she can giv

e back to her parents who work so hard to support the family. She sings Alicia Keys ” If I ain’t got You.” The judges are blown away by the mature sounding voice she has for being her age. They see a sparkle in her and Simon even says that she is probably one of his favorite auditions he has seen thus far.  With that being said, she also moves on to bootcamp.Jordyn Foley is the epitome of the girl in theater camp. She isdressed in a sparkly pink outfit with little girl pig tails that just adds to her adorable charm. She approaches the stage and Simon asks her what song she will be performing. She says “Tomorrow” from the musical Annie. Unfortunately, Simon explains that he hates that shooing but she still wants to sing it.  Jordyn belts the song and has the audience on their feet. When it comes down to the judges vote, Simon was the only one who voted “no” but Jordyn is determined to have Simon on her side.
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