Top Five Halloween Episodes

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – “Who Got Dee Pregnant?”

This Halloween “mystery” makes the list because it finally fills the audience in on who “knocked up” Dee. Basically the episode begins with Dee telling the gang that she is pregnant (and she’s obviously showing) and that one of them is the father. She tells them that she got pregnant on Halloween and leaves them to try and figure out who knocked her up. The gang then begins to have many flashbacks to the night and each time they do – the story changes (as well as the characters). At one point in the episode, Dee is replaced by an ostrich. There are a few costume changes amongst the characters throughout their “Halloween night” and the audience is kept guessing who is the father until the very end of the episode.

The Office – “Halloween”

The best part about this episode are the unique costumes which range from Jim’s “three hole punch Jim” to Michael’s paper mache head. The episode, however, focuses on who Michael is going to fire as he then has interviews with a bunch of the employees. No one is wanting to get fired and he doesn’t want to fire anyone, so the episode contains a lot of backstabbing by the employees. The episode is super witty (as most Office episodes are) and heartwarming as there are many moments between Jim and Pam throughout the episode as well.


Community – “Epidemiology”

Community is a fantastic show that does a really good job of making episodes centered around different movie types. This Halloween episode centers around the undead as food poisoning over takes the school’s Halloween party. Everyone becomes “zombies” and the gang must band together to try and “save everyone” by turning the air down enough to kill the virus. Sounds far-fetched but the concept works for this show and it’s really interesting to see what unfolds as new relationships are formed and certain decisions are made. Also, the costumes are just down right hilarious (Jeff goes as David Beckham and basically just wears an expensive suit and cares a soccer ball).

Boy Meets World – “And Then There Was Shawn”

This episode is a classic as it is one of the scariest Halloween sitcom episodes. The whole gang gets sent to detention after school and things begin to go terribly wrong. As they are locked in and lights go in and out, they soon realize that there is a killer lose. One by one, their friends begin dying as they try to run and escape the murderer. Although the episode keeps the audience on their toes, the wit and humor still courses through the episode. The many, epic, plot twists at the end makes this episode one-of-a-kind.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer – “Fear Itself”

There is no contest here that Buffy the Vampire Slayer would own some of the greatest Halloween episodes ever made. This episode contains drama, love, humor, horror and suspense which is everything that makes the perfect Halloween episode. Some college kids accidentally summon a demon who takes over the party at the local fraternity house and materializes terror for the scooby gang. Unable to leave the party, they are confronted with their worst fears – Xander becomes invisible, Oz is afraid of turning into a werewolf and Willow can’t control her magic. The episode is pretty dark throughout, but ends on a high note as they confront the evil demon finally.

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