‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap 4.03 “The Rager”

A vampire hunter still on the hunt, two rival vamp girls with a bone to pick, and two brothers still at loggerheads.   Add two new arrivals in town, Klaus and Hayley, and things get heated in Mystic Falls.

“I’m going to find him and eat him.” ~ Damon

Connor, the vampire hunter is still on his mission to rid Mystic Falls of all things vampire and he has his sights on Tyler Lockwood who’s recovering from his shooting at the hospital.  An obvious show to placate the people of Mystic Falls, as we all know that vampires don’t require hospitals thanks to their accelerated healing.  Connor attacks Tyler in his hospital room, stabs him with a paralytic tranquilizer and whips out a syringe to withdraw fluid from Tyler’s mouth.  Ouch.  Werewolf juice poisonous to vampires.  Next on Connor’s list is Matt.  He attacks Matt at school and demands the name of the vampire sucking on him.  Matt relents and gives him Rebekah’s name.

“Yeah, well you used my body as an escape hatch then kissed my girlfriend so maybe we’re even.” ~ Tyler

Klaus is back, along with several hybrid bodyguards that he showers upon Tyler.  He may be bristling with silent anger but he won’t stand for anyone messing with one of his hybrids.

“Well the least you can do is pour me some rich people scotch.” ~ Haley

Haley makes her first appearance, all flirtatious and carefree, pleased with herself for having tracked down Tyler.  An old werewolf friend who helped Tyler break the sire bond in the mountains.  When Caroline surprises Tyler at his house with a smile and a hug, he politely blows her off, trying to keep her from seeing Hayley.  An old flame?

 “I’m just quietly hating.” ~ Elena

Elena’s back at school and trying to act normal, but she’s full of heightened emotions and struggling to adjust to her new vamp status.  It doesn’t help that Rebekah’s hell bent on making the transition as difficult as possible. Rebekah’s the “out” girl while everyone is fussing around Elena. Nothing like a jealous woman once scorned to spice things up.  An exchange of snide remarks in the classroom followed by a toss of a pencil and Elena is wounded in the shoulder.  Whilst Elena’s cleaning up the blood in the bathroom, Rebekah arrives with a human offering in an attempt to tease Elena with the fresh blood – a ploy that leaves Elena very rattled.

“Rage is really powerful feeling but guilt, take it from me, it’ll destroy you.  So, you can either go after her, or you can get on the back of my motorcycle and we can get the hell out of here. ” ~ Stefan

Rebekah’s holding a party and despite the rift between them, Elena agrees to go.  Once again, Rebekah’s up to her tricks, steals Elena’s beer, and nabs her daylight ring.  Poor Elena.  With no choice but to grin and bear the torturous sunburn, Elena rescues her ring from the garbage disposal.  Gotta love that accelerated healing.  Fueled with rage, Elena grabs the stashed white oak stake and charges but Stefan intervenes, reminding her that Rebekah’s death will mean the end of all vampires linked to her.  Elena relents and decides to leave the party with Stefan, leaving a suddenly weakened and ill Rebekah behind.

“Because you’re a vampire now and part of you knows you’re a lot more like me than you are like him.” ~ Damon

In a fun and carefree scene, Stefan takes Elena for a ride on his motorcycle.  Nice to see a vampire worry- free moment for this couple and even greater to see Elena’s gorgeous smile again, a sight we haven’t seen much since her death.  During the hot and heavy bedroom scene that follows, a flash of an imaginary Damon makes Elena push Stefan away.  Before she can examine the intrusion of Damon into her love life, she becomes ill and realizes that she’d ingested werewolf juice at Rebekah’s party.    Whilst waiting for Klaus to arrive with his healing hybrid blood, Elena has another delusion where she imagines Damon on her bed, talking to her.  Klaus arrives, full of anger and quick to remind Stefan of their failed attempt to kill him, but heals Elena.  A vampire with a hidden motive?

“Okay, it’s a kitten. It’s an adorable exploding kitten.” ~ Damon

In an attempt to hunt the hunter, Damon finds himself nabbed by two arrows attached to bombs in Connor’s van.  Too proud to call for brotherly re-enforcements, he phones Meredith Fell who arrives to cut him free.  Instead of backing off, Damon teams up with Klaus in Connor’s takedown.

“You’re one of the five.” ~ Klaus

Knowing that only Jeremy can see his invisible tattoo, the mark of the hunter, Connor approaches Jeremy with an offer to train him to be a vampire hunter.  Taking his lead, Jeremy lures Connor to the hospital where Damon and Klaus, an odd team of rivals now working together, are waiting for him.  When Klaus sees Connor’s weapon and hears of his invisible arm tatoo, several puzzle pieces of recognition click into place.

“Come to me whenever you want and I won’t let you lose control.” ~ Caroline

Stefan’s having some adjustment issues of his own with Elena’s turning.  He confides in Caroline, explaining that he can’t let go and enjoy the new vampire Elena as he risks becoming the Ripper again.  Caroline voices his problem – “You can’t be around her and resist that urge.”  Without Damon to keep him from falling over the edge, Stefan needs a new friend to keep him in check and sweet Caroline doesn’t hesitate to offer to help him.  Can’t help but like this girl vamp.

“Nothing you should be ashamed of.  You are a vampire now.  You just have to learn the right way to be one. And I’m gonna teach you.” ~ Damon

Matt arrives at Elena’s house, bearing a hug and a wrist. Elena feeds but loses control and won’t stop.   When Matt resists, she gets rough but Damon arrives just in time and yanks her away.  Damon quickly compels a shocked Matt to forget what happened and leave.  Did Matt forget his daily dose of Vervain? Damon calms Elena down and offers to teach her how to be a real vampire.  A sweet moment for these two.  Curious to know how Damon’s Vampire Course 101 will differ from Stefan’s.  This can only be fun.

Points to ponder …

The mystery around the new vampire hunter deepens especially now that Klaus knows who he is and knows more about the hunter’s background than he himself knows.   The most protected vampire hunter in town?  What’s Klaus up to now?  And how does Elena fit into this new development?

Elena’s having a hard time adjusting to being a vampire but hopefully she’ll come to terms with it soon.  It’ll be fun to see a more confident, wilder side of her emerge and embrace her new life.  Enough with the tears!

For more on The Vampire Diaries, tune in to the next episode, “The Five” Thursday 8/7c on CW.


  1. Curious to know how Damon’s Vampire Course 101 will differ from Stefan’s. answer to this is Stefan is animal blood while damon is human blood to learn to control the blood lust.

  2. Curious to know how Damon’s Vampire Course 101 will differ from Stefan’s. answer to this is Stefan is animal blood while damon is human blood to learn to control the blood lust.

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