New Macklemore Album – The Heist

3 years of working on this album…day after day. All nighter after all nighter…and I’m very proud, excited and honored to announce. IT’S FINALLY OUT ON ITUNES!!

Macklemore definitely has a right to be so excited about this new album. It’s incredible.
Though it’s not the normal genre we’re used to posting about, the Heist is a work of art. Each track is different and so well done.
Even if you aren’t a huge fan of rap, it’d be easy to like this album due to the super catchy beats and funny, catchy, real lyrics.

This album features many different artists for collabs with people like Ray Dalton, Wanz, Buffalo Madonna, Mary Lambert, Allen Stone and more!

A personal fave is Can’t Hold Us (feat. Ray Dalton). The lyrics are the typical “live life to the fullest” message, but the way they created the track doesn’t sound like the same generic pop beats that sing about the same thing. It includes fun instrumentals and some great vocals along with the rap.

Some songs, especially Same Love (feat. Mary Lambert), are so raw and real.
The lyrics go deep and cover things many people don’t even want to try to go to. This song in particular deals a super controversial topic in a beautiful way.

Though I seem to be describing it as so perfect, The Heist is nearly completely explicit and brings up many mature topics. So if you’re not into that, I would recommend not investing in this album.

It was released Oct. 9th on iTunes for $9.99 (Deluxe Edition $11.99)

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