Interview with Yvonne Powless from ‘America’s Next Top Model’

Yvonne is a twenty year old student from Minneapolis, MN. She currently goes to school away from the cold weather at the University of Texas at Austin. Check out our interview with her below as we discuss Bryanboy, her favorite models from past seasons, and more!

Towards the end your head seemed to no longer be in the competition. Were you more upset or relieved to get eliminated?

“At the time I was indifferent. They way they showed me on the show wasn’t the way I was actually feeling about the competition at the time. I think I was feeling more like that during the cheer shoot only because I had been in the bottom two twice right before that. After the cheer shoot I did well, so I was kind of excited. I felt like I was finally learning and growing. I had that fight with Bryan in my head, but I was actually really excited about being there. I wanted to stay, but I know that people on the show dedicated their life to modeling more than I did. I had mixed emotions about leaving.”

Did  you like the social media aspect of the show? Should they keep it in future seasons? 

“I liked that we got to communicate with our fans as soon as we got back from the show. We had to wait and lie about being on the show until it aired. I like the part where the fans got to really get in touch with us and talk to us. As far as the voting, I don’t really know how it works, so I don’t really know if it was effective. We never got to see anything to do with the voting.”

How did you get involved with modeling?

“Until this show I had never modeled in my life. I saw a Tyra Banks tweet that said it was the last day to send in a picture, so I sent one in. They ended up calling me and I went to the closed audition and they flew me out to LA.”

What was your biggest challenge going into the show? Was it that you had never modeled before?

“Probably that and we were told that if the cameras were on, we had to be talking to get into the house. I don’t really talk if I don’t have anything to say so that was kind of hard. We had to constantly talk about who knows what to people I had never met before. Once I was in I got to know people. But never having modeled was definitely a challenge because a lot of girls had modeled before . I was new and didn’t know what I was doing.”

When you got home, did you read the comments left for you?

“Yeah we all did, they were really funny! Even the mean ones were funny.”

What was your favorite challenge to do?

“The Tyler Perry one, because it was so fun.”

Being on a reality TV show, do you watch a lot of reality TV?

“Yeah I do, I think I watch it totally different now because I realize how not real it is. I still watch it all the time, I watch Housewives every day.”

Do you have a favorite model from a past season of the show?

“It would probably be Eva, I haven’t watched the show since she won in season 3. I also like Mercedes, she didn’t win, but I liked her a lot.”


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