Interview with the Band of the Week: Glamour of the Kill

Glamour of the Kill is a metal, rock, pop band from York, UK that formed in 2007. Honest Reviews Corner had the pleasure of chatting with lead voacalist Davey Richmond and guitar player Chris Gomerson. Davey and Chris are quite the hilarious duo! HRC has never laughed so hard during in an interview before, and to find out why read more below. We discuss the Inked Tour, pranks, tattoos and GOTK’s second album. To view GOTK’s full feature click here.

Can you tell us about the Inked Tour?

Chris: “Alesana are headlining it. We did a tour with them at the beginning of the year throughout the UK. We got on really well with them. We partied every night with them. We are on the same management. They got in touch with the tour manager for the Inked Tour, and said they got along really well with us, and said they wanted to bring us to the states. They thought we fit the profile for the tour. Everyone okayed it and here we are!”

 Since you guys are on the Inked Tour what is your favorite tattoo and why?

 Davey: “I’ve got a Ronald McDonald tattoo on my leg. [laughs] It’s the most meaningful tattoo because it reminds me of a magical point in my childhood. It’s my favorite tattoo as well.”

Chris: “I don’t have any tattoos that really mean anything. On my right ass cheek it says “Anal?” [laughing]. It got me varied results. Sometimes I got slapped and other times I got lucky.”

 Is there a place in the US you are most looking forward to visiting?

Davey: “I’m looking forward to Portland. There is a stripper coming to the show. Her name is Lucky Sunset. Shout out to Lucky Sunset! I’m just joking. Really I’m joking!”

Chris: “I’m just happy to be in the US and not at home. I’m really happy to be here.”

 What song off “The Summoning” are you most excited to play on tour?

Davey: “All of them. We only have half an hour to play on this tour, so we’ve narrowed it down to six or seven songs. We’re playing “Feeling Alive” which is the biggest crowd pleaser and most well-known.”

Chris: “I don’t think we’re going to be able to do anymore interviews this afternoon.”

No. You guys are fantastic. Really entertaining!

Are you bummed you guys are missing Warped in the UK?

Chris: “We actually aren’t, because we are stupidly over excited that we’re in the US and doing our first US tour! We arrived wearing American track suits and went to Wendy’s and got a massive burger.”

Davey: “I even painted stripes on my face for the journey. [laughs].”

 Are you guys planning on playing any pranks on tour?

Chris: “We always play pranks on tour. That’s how you survive and keep your spirits up.”

Davey: “Pranks on other bands or each other?”


 Davey: “We are pretty big jokesters. We don’t sit on the tour bus doing nothing. We’re the first band to attack the other bands. We try to test the waters to make sure the other bands aren’t uptight. By playing pranks we’ve made some really good friends, and made some people really hate us.”

 What was the response like when you released “The Summoning” in the US?

Chris: “Really good. We’ve gotten a lot of great tweets about it. Everyone tells us they love it. It’s been received really well. We are going to be releasing our second full length album next year and it will be released in the UK and the US at the same time we hope.”

 What are your plans after the Inked Tour finishes?

Chris: “We are going straight into the studio to record album #2.”

 Who would you love to see in concert?

Davey: “Katy Perry and Westlife.”

Chris: “Motely Crue.”

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