Interview with the Artist of the Week: Dominique Pruitt

Dominique Pruitt is a pop singer with a lot of soul. She is working on having new stuff for fans very soon so keep posted on HRC! You can view her full feature here.

What made you want to become a singer?

“My parents were both musicians, my mom was a singer and my dad was a guitar player/singer/songwriter. All of their friends were musicians too. I didn’t know a world without music being life, really. Hearing Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey belting it out, and watching music videos on MTV all helped too.”

Who are your musical inspirations?

“In the forefront would have to be Patsy Cline, Elvis, Ricky Nelson, Nancy Sinatra, Connie Francis, The Shirelles, Clyde McPhatter, Sam Cooke, almost everything Phil Spector did, and Harry Belafonte. I’m starting to draw lots of inspiration from 60s French pop though too. Perhaps I’ll save that vibe for album number two!”

When did you first realize you  wanted to be a singer?

“I don’t think I quite had a light bulb moment, but my earliest memory of wanting to sing would probably be around age eight when I would have singing contests with my friends at recess. “

Your single “To Win Your Love” has a jazzy pop, upbeat vibe to it, did you have that in mind when writing the song?

“Actually, my dad wrote TWYL 30 years ago, about my mom! It was always one of my favorites of his songs growing up, and when I started making my music I just had to do that one. While still awesome, the original vibe was TOTALLY different, so we definitely re-infused it with my style. “

When do you plan on releasing new music?

“I’m really excited to be releasing my EP, probably sometime in October!”

Who is an artist you would do anything to collaborate with?

“ELVIS. A whole album than a movie together, on a beach with tiki drinks. haha.”

What is one song you can’t stop singing/get out of your head?

“Yesterday it was The Vaccines Wolfpack. Today it’s the Allah-Las Catamaran.

What is something that you feel has helped you most in your career?

“Having family and friends that are crazy supportive. It’s priceless.”

 What would you say is something not many people know about you?

“When I was younger my dream was to be an Olympic equestrian jumper. Also, a supermodel after watching too many George Michael videos. Freedom 90 was SO GOOD!”

Any thing you would like to say to your fans?

“I can’t wait for everyone to hear more of my music, and show you all what’s in store! Thanks for hopping on the boat of my wild journey! The support is always appreciated. “


Check out Dominique’s latest music video here!

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