Interview with "She Wants Me" star Kristen Ruhlin

Kristen grew up in Charleston, West Virginia. She stars as the female lead opposite Josh Gad in the new rom-com “She Wants Me”. You can purchase “She Wants Me” on iTunes or Amazon! Check out our interview with Kristen below, we discuss Hilary Duff, horror movies, living with two boys, and Ewoks. You can follow Kristen on twitter here.

What originally drew you to Sammy’s character?

“I found that she was likeable in her own way. I definitely thought she could come off harsh, but I thought she had redeeming qualities. I thought it would be fun to develop a character who loves two different guys in different ways.”

Would you ever have an ex-boyfriend move in with you and a current beau?

“Personally I wouldn’t [laughs]. I think that’s a recipe for disaster. However, in the “She Wants Me” world Sammy and John were so over their past relationship. They were just good friends. That’s Sammy’s defense. John wasn’t really an ex, he was a friend. I wouldn’t put any one or myself in that position though!”

What was the most exciting scene to film?

“Josh and I were lying in bed improvising. We went on Google translator and made it say inappropriate funny jokes and made the crew laugh. That was one of my favorite scenes in the moment.”

What has the fan response to “She Wants Me” been like for you?

“I’m socially media awkward. I do tweet and that’s my way of interacting with fans. I’m getting the Hilary Duff fan base reaching out towards me, and that girl has amazing fans. They are so supportive and sweet. They’ve cooked me things! I got fudge in the mail. I haven’t heard anything negative!”

It’s a great ensemble cast filled with some big names (Charlie Sheen, Hilary Duff, Debra Jo Rupp, etc) did you get star struck at all?

“No. It’s kind of weird actually. I’m from West Virginia and I guess it’s a southern thing to be really open and talkative. I kind of forgot who they were and who I was talking to. I asked them the same questions I’d ask anyone new I met like “where did you go to college?”, “what did your dad do?” etc. The cast was so sweet and really genuine so it was never awkward.”

What was the last movie you personally watched?

“I went to the theater the other day to go see “Possession”. I’m the biggest horror film fan that you will ever meet. I have to see every horror film out there.”

What is one thing your fans don’t know about you yet?

“I have this entirely separate private language that I talk to my dogs in. I made it up. It’s like Ewok talk. People who hear me probably think I’m crazy [laughs].”

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