Interview with "Onyx" author Jennifer L. Armentrout

Jennifer L. Armentrout is a USA TODAY Bestselling author. She began writing short stories in math class, and is now the YA author of the Lux Series, the Covenant Series, Cursed, Don’t Look Back. She also writes adult romance under the pen name J. Lynn. Her adult romance novels include the Gamble Brother Series and the Nephilim Rising Series. You can ‘like’ Jennifer on Facebook here, and follow her on twitter here. Check out our interview with Jennifer below where we discuss her Lux Series.

 What originally made you want to do the Lux series? Are aliens your favorite supernatural beings – or were you just sick of the vampire and werewolves books?

“My editor had approached me, asking me if I would write a book about aliens in high school. That was all that was given to me. And my initial response was to laugh and say no, because who wanted to read a book about aliens? Because all I could think of were giant insects running around. But the more I thought about it, I started to come up with Katy and Daemon. The rest was history. The part that took me the longest was coming up with what kind of aliens the Luxen were.”

Where you a fan of the show Roswell? (Sometimes I picture Daemon looking like Max Evans)

“No. I never did get to watch the show, but my editor was/is a huge fan of Roswell. She and my publicist keep telling me I need to watch it and I do want to, but not when I’m still writing about aliens.”

How many books do you plan on having in the Lux series? Will Opal the last?

“Opal isn’t the last book. There are two more books after Opal.”

We really enjoyed how Katy was a book blogger! Is that how you originally got involved with being an author?

“I was never a book blogger, but I wish I was! I just picked up on a lot of the terms by talking to so many book bloggers.”

Who is the most difficult and easiest character for you to write for? Did you base any of the characters off of yourself or friends?

“Lesa and Carissa are based on two friends that I have that have the same names. Other than that, no one else is based on anyone I know. Katy and Daemon are equally hard to write. Daemon has a tendency to steal scenes, so I have to make sure Katy can hold her own against him”


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