Interview with MTV's 'The Real World: Battle of the Seasons' Contestant Preston Roberson-Charles

Preston Roberson-Charles was originally on the ‘The Real World: New Orleans’ and was recently a competitor on MTV’s ‘The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons’. He made it episode 5 where he and team mate Mackenzie volunteered to compete in the arena game, but sadly lost to competitors Sarah and Chet. Check out our interview with Preston below, we discuss Knight and Jemmye, the alliance, and Preston’s pick to win BOTS! You can follow Preston on twitter here.

How did you and Mackenzie decide that you two were going into the arena for New Orleans?

“Well Kenzi and I knew we really had no choice as to who was going into the Challenge. Knight and Jemmye had already set up an alliance with the deciding team and if we had refused to go into the arena they would have chosen us anyway.”

Do you think you would have been more successful in the Challenge if the teams weren’t by seasons?

“I’m not really sure you can never really say, what I will say is that I truly did enjoy this experience. It was nice to go into this Challenge knowing that I knew at least 3 other individuals and that I wouldn’t just be thrown in the Lion’s den.”

What trivia questions do you wish you’d been asked?

“If I could of just had the pop culture questions – I would have killed it! I mean really sports?…come on. The only sport teams I know are from the cities I’ve lived in (east coast).”

Had you talked to your New Orleans housemates before the Challenge? Who did you keep up with most?

“We had spoken before the start of the Challenge – previous to that we had no spoken at all; for good reason too as many thing had happen to our relationships off the camera over the past few years.”

Did you support your teams alliance?

“No I hate this alliance – I mean really, how do you have an alliance with 24 other people in the house. I really tried to keep myself outside of the alliance talk.”

First thing you did when you got home?

“Broke into my home as I left my keys in the states – but immediately after I headed for a pool party on top of the Thompson hotel and proceed to drink 42 MacAllisters (whiskey).”

Which other season were you closest to?

“I’m not sure there was a particular season I was close with, but rather specific people with whom I felt close with. Devon is one of those people; she’s great, loving, attentive and smart as a whip.”

Are you glad that your teammates on New Orleans were Mackenzie, Knight and Jemmye or do you wish it was other roommates?

“I would have loved Ashlee from my season to be there. If she had been team NOLA would have been a lot stronger. But as far as who I would have liked her to replace – well, I’ll let you surmise whom I might replace.”

Do you think you could have won in the arena if Jemmye had been your partner?

“I’m not sure, that elimination was much harder then it may have appeared. I think Jemmye is a great challenger but Mackenzie isn’t something to scuff at.”

After being on the Challenge will you keep in touch with your New Orleans housemates?

“Unfortunately we are all very different people who live in completely separate locations, which make it quite hard to catch up, though I know one day we will be reunited.”

Who are you rooting for to win?

“I would love Devyn to win – hopefully she will last long!”

Would you do another challenge?

“I’ll never say never. But for the moment I’m really focused on continuing my work behind the screens.”


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