How I Met Your Mother: Episode 8.02 "The Prenup" Recap

Prepare yourselves, HIMYM fans. Ted Mosby has officially declared this season the “Autumn of Break-Ups,” which, knowing what we know about the upcoming wedding, isn’t really a surprise. If you missed last week’s premiere “Farhampton”, you can either read the recap or just watch it some other time – because it’s not really relevant to this week’s episode.

The Condensed Version:

Barney decides to present Quinn with a prenup – which turns out to be more than just a prenup as he also used it to outline rules for her to follow after they’re married. Needless to say, it doesn’t go over well. In the end, it causes a lot of arguments between every couple on the show, but the ultimate detriment is that of Barney and Quinn’s engagement, which is called off. They realize they don’t trust each other enough to stay together. The episode ends with another flash-forward to highlight Barney and Robin’s relationship – and shows him deeming it unnecessary for a prenup with her.

The Extended Version:

This week shows the return of Arthur Hobbs (Bob Odenkirk), who advises Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) to get a prenup drawn up and signed before the wedding – just in case things go bad with Quinn. The core issue with this prenup is that it isn’t just to handle problems in the event of a divorce. It’s also a list [volume of books, really] of rules for Quinn to follow during the marriage – such as having to pay $2,000 every time she gains a pound (but only if it shows up on the scale at the weekly weigh-in!).

Quinn (Becki Newton) is understandably shocked and appalled [though I can’t say the same for the viewers – it’s totally a classic Barney Stinson maneuver! Anyone remember the pre-hook-up contract Barney claimed he had girls sign a few seasons ago?]. Anyway, the two storm off to their separate same-sex groups of friends to complain about each other.

Ted (Josh Radnor) and Marshall tell Barney how dumb the idea is, while the girls agree with Quinn – Barney’s demands are atrocious! Later that night, after the guys have had some time to think about the situation, they realize they agree with what Barney’s done. This causes some dissension between each of the couples – as the men admit to wishing the girls would change some things about themselves.

Nick (Michael Trucco) is annoyed with Robin – who watches TV when they’re having sex because seeing herself on the news turns her on. Ted (Josh Radnor) is annoyed that Victoria’s (Ashley Williams) ex-fiance Klaus (Thomas Lennon) is living with them – and brings with him his pet ferrets and penchant for watching weird German films naked. Meanwhile, Marshall is upset with Lily (Alyson Hannigan) because she is overprotective of Marvin Waitforit Eriksen [I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to say his name without including the middle name]. He’s worried that she thinks he is a terrible father.

Now that all the girls are angry, the next day the Robin (Cobie Smulders) and Lily advise Quinn to create a counter-prenup and head up to GNB to have him sign it. This leads to a showdown of all showdowns – which, ironically, is broken up by Arthur Hobbs, who started the whole mess to begin with. He points out that the couples are fighting because they aren’t being truthful with their significant others about what is really bothering them.

At this point, the couples talk about their problems and insecurities. Each of them manage to resolve their differences and go home. Everyone, that is, except for Quinn and Barney. Once everyone has cleared out [including Arthur – who’s gone off to talk to his dog Tugboat], the two come to the realization that they don’t trust each other [hence the prenups].

In the end, the two have to acknowledge that their relationship isn’t going to work out – and they agree to part ways. Of course, the [good?] news is, this is is just the beginning of the break-ups going down on this season of How I Met Your Mother. We’ve been spoiled [by Ted himself] that the only couple that doesn’t break up this season is Lily and Marshall [though we’ve pretty much known that since Season 1].


Final Thoughts:

-All right, writers! I know they’re basically heading in the direction of finally wrapping all this up and introducing us to the mother of Ted’s children, but I am surprised [and glad] that they didn’t drag the Barney/Quinn relationship out over several episodes [again, can we please advocate for Barney to take over the telling of this story?]. We can only hope the Victoria/Ted situation can be ended as quickly – like next episode, maybe?

-As a side note: Check out Victoria’s new hairstyle! Is it just me or does it make her look quite a bit like Robin? Intentional move to cause problems with Ted down the road, or just a coincidence? Either way – and this is nothing against Ashley Williams, because she’s pretty great – I’m beyond over Victoria and have to admit that I’ve never really liked her. So, I’ll be glad to see her go – whatever the reason.

-Anyone else quite like this Klaus character? Of course, he’s mostly just thrown in there for a bit of comedic relief – since Barney’s been a bit preoccupied with Quinn. I’m sure once Barney gets back on his game, Klaus will fade out. But, still – let’s enjoy it while he’s here!

-Another great? The return of the Eriksen clan. You’ve got to love Judy (played by Suzie Plakson) and her family of men. Another group thrown in for the comedy – one that surely has not gotten old yet. Those scenes are always a good time.


Don’t miss next week’s episode “Nannies” airing Monday, October 8th. Synopsis: Lily and Marshall have trouble finding a nanny for Marvin and learn that it is due to an elaborate scheme Barney invented to meet women. Meanwhile, Robin and Ted argue over who is in a more serious relationship.

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