‘Castle’ Recap Episode 5.03 “Secret's Safe With Me”

Beckett/Castle Drama:

Castle’s mother knew they were having sex, so she convinces him to tell his daughter but Alexis doesn’t give him much of a reaction. When he tells Beckett that Alexis and his mother knows she worries that Alexis will tell Lacey who will tell Esposito who will blab to Ryan. When Ryan knows they expect he will tell their boss, Captain Gates, who doesn’t like Castle. As she warms up to him throughout this episode I really think they may be alright. Until she hates him again. Oh well!

Castle Family Drama:

Castle’s daughter Alexis is finally moving out for university. While she’s packing everything up she tries to bring much more than she should which leads to Castle getting concerned. He also starts thinking about all the freshman boys that will be in the dorm with her which concerns him even more. Ah, watching Castle being all paternal is so cute. When he brings Alexis to her dorm she calls on her father to do what he always did when she was a little girl: he checks under her bed for monsters. It’s so cute that he does it and later gets teary-eyed, trying to pass it off as allergies. Richard Castle is such a wonderful, incredible man.

The Case:

A woman, Wendy, is found murdered after a slow death from a gunshot wound with the word lie written next to her in blood. Her boss in Philly accuses her of stealing $400,000 and heading to New York with it, but his alibi checks out. The track her journey back to a storage locker facility where they are auctioning off room 317 (what it turns out her message said). They go to the auction and after all but one other man drops out, he risks it all to win. While going through the items in the locker they find this creepy doll that Gates gets really excited over and Castle gives it to her for free so she can complete her collectors set. Immediately I know that something is going to be inside it that means she doesn’t get to keep it, but initially it’s so cute because she reads his books and enjoys them and gets all girly. They find that Wendy’s twin brother Wendell was owner of the storage locker before ‘accidentally’ being pushed in front of a subway train. After researching Wendell, they discover he may have robbed his rich employer Angelica of an expensive diamond bracelet. Later, they realize she faked the missing bracelet for insurance fraud, but Wendell still did steal something from the house.

Captain Gates not too impressed with Castle

“The butler did it!” Throughout the episode they were leading up to breaking the china doll Castle gave Gates, and finally when they do they discover a glass eye and USB stick. Photos of a ten year old hit and run combined with DNA on the glass eye from the man who fled the scene led to one of Castle’s favourite things he probably ever got to say while working with Beckett. Angelica’s butler had his spare eye stolen during the robbery which led to him finding Wendell and Wendy and killing both of them so they wouldn’t discover he was the one who fled the scene ten years ago. Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to work too well for him.

Next Episode:

Castle and Beckett secretly take a romantic trip away together until trouble ensues which brings in their colleagues.

What did you think of the episode?

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