Band of the week: Tough Lovers

Photo Credit: Cameron Crosby

Genre: Rock/Alternative/Pop

Location: Vancouver


Bio: In 201o Jamie, Dane and Graham formed Tough Lovers. In 2011 they released their debut EP “Exits”, and added Ryan as their drummer. Tough Lovers second EP “Good Morning” was released this year in March. You can listen to their “Good Morning” EP on YouTube or you can purchase it on iTunes. (We bought it on iTunes and it was $4.95 well spent!)

Why they are the band of the week: HRC loves finding new bands, especially when they come recommended. Canadian actor Cameron Crosby told us Tough Lovers was his favorite band, so we eagerly checked them out! Cameron has great taste! Tough Lovers are extremely musically and lyrically talented.  After only listening to “Started With a Spark” off of the “Good Morning” EP we had already fallen in love with them! Take Cameron’s and our advice and check out Tough Lovers! You won’t be disappointed.

Check out their music:

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