Album Review: That Old Feeling EP


That Old Feeling. Is A Rocket to the Moon taking us back to their roots and putting out music that is still close to their heart? Lets find out.

The first song is called Whole Lotta You. I’m having trouble writing about this song because I just can’t stop listing to it. It is a very different sound than what I’m used to from ARTTM. It starts off with this reggae feeling, which at first scared me, but I have no fear now! This song will be on my iTunes repeat for days!

Going Out sounds like a hybrid between The Maine and [insert country artist here]. I honestly didn’t think I liked this song until the I heard the lyrics. How can you resist a line like “Drop everything you have, because we’re going out”. This song speaks volumes to me about the band members themselves. They are laid back guys that just want to go out and have fun, no worries, no problems, just fun.

The intro of First Kiss reminds me of a Taylor Swift song, and that’s how you know it’s going to be a hit! It brings me back to the first ARTTM song that I fell in love with; Dakota. You can feel and hear how much the band has grown with this new EP. There is so much feeling in this song that girls everywhere are going to make this their ringtone for their boyfriends.

Am I going crazy, is ARTTM going a little bit country? They definitely are still full out rock and roll, but are trying to sneak their country roots into the song You’re My Song. It’s a great song if you love country music, and I don’t, but this song is very quickly growing on me.

I am so glad that ARTTM has finally put out new music, but am I happy with how their music is changing? Right now, yes. You can hear in this EP how much the band is growing and learning. Their sound has improved, their instrumentation has improved and the vibe has definitely improved. While I hope they don’t go full out country, they do have a lot of great things going for them. I think they might be one of the first bands to truly pull off a punk-pop/country hybrid sound. They aren’t losing their punk-pop sound while sneaking in sounds from their country roots. I can’t wait to hear what they put out next!

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