‘The Real World: St.Thomas’ Recap: Episode 11 “Should I Stay or Should I Blow?”


Trey almost loses his girl back home, Chelsea, because of his relationship with Laura. During their phone conversation where Trey admits to hooking up with Laura again, Chelsea lets him know that she is done with him. He realizes that he cannot lose her over Laura because he cares so much about her. He then takes the initiative to officially ends things between him and Laura. Obviously Laura is heartbroken knowing that her feelings for him are so strong and there is nothing she can do. Trey offers to pay for Chelsea’s flight and all her hotel accommodations for her to visit him in St. Thomas. She takes the offer and boards her flight to see Trey and figure where their relationship stands.

When signing onto ‘The Real World’  each cast mate agrees to certain rules and restrictions. The most obvious one, agree to be filmed 24/7. But what came to a surprise to me is that they also do random drug tests. I just thought that they would be smart enough to be clean while on the show with or without the drug test. Unfortunately, one of the cast mates did not pass their test. Brandon, after first denying that the test were true and that everyone should wait to see what the lab report says, was presumed positive for having cocaine in his system. Later, Brandon admitted to taking some last night with a girl he met. The producers of the show must follow their guidelines and send home anyone who breaks the rules. Brandon was sent home within 48 hours of the conversation.

Now back to Trey’s situation. Chelsea arrives in a seemingly happy mood as she is eager to see Trey again. Later that day, they go on a date to Carnival and the conversation becomes more serious as Chelsea explains how upset she was to hear that Trey hooked up with Laura again after she had given him her trust not to.  Trey knows that he had messed up and tells Chelsea that he does not know what else to say. He leaves her hotel on that note.

The next day Trey brings Chelsea over to the house to meet the roommates and join everyone in Brandon’s goodbye celebration.

The first meeting of Chelsea and Laura seems a bit strange but they were both civil towards each other. Later into the party, they finally get to have a private conversation. Chelsea tells Laura that she has no hard feelings towards her and understands the type of living situation they are in. Quoting Chelsea, “Sh** happens.” Laura tells her that she also has no anger towards her for she did nothing wrong. With all that being said, the roommates help Brandon put all of his suitcases in the boat, say their emotional goodbyes, and wish him the best on his journey towards a sober life.

I feel Brandon will achieve his goal of being sober. He just needs the proper guidance and assistance. I don’t believe that TRW house is the best place for that. There is only so much the roommates can do to help him with his issues. I think he has the will power to stop  but he just needs an official doctor’s help.

Do you think Brandon will overcome his battles with drugs and alcohol? Do you think he a proven that he can’t achieve that goal after seeing him on TRW? Comment below!

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