Summertime chat with Kelley James


I got to interview Kelley James over the phone and he was possibly one the sweetest people I’ve ever gotten to talk to! You may know him as the singer of the song “Summertime On My Mind”. His laid back attitude and passion shows in his music and in his personality. I asked him some questions about his new music video for the song “Summertime On My Mind”, Some of his upcoming Corona shows, and his freestyle rapping skills. Heres what he had to say…


Where was the music video for “Summertime On My Mind” shot?

“It was shot all in L.A. between Manhattan Beach and Malibu.”

Who are the other people in the music video?

“Ryan Braun, He plays for the Milwaukee Brewers. Richard Jefferson, He’s a basketball player, He plays for the Golden Sate Warriors. Rip Venice, He’s a surfer out of Venice, CA. Tone It Up, It’s these two girls, we’ve been friends for a long time so their in it.”

So, How do you know of them?

“Pretty much just playing music, I met Ryan Braun through a buddy of mine Barry Zito, who plays for The Giants. I met Richard Jefferson through Ricky Barnes, He’s a golfer. And the Tone It Up girl’s through Oakley.”

What’s your favorite part of the music video and why?

“I like the surfing shots for sure, I think that those were sweet. I love surfing I try to go out everyday when I’m at home, and it was cool to kinda capture that a little bit.”

How long have you been surfing?

“Hmm probably about, maybe three years, something like that. Not that long. But I’m fortunate enough that I get to go out and do that when I’m in town.”

What’s a message your trying to communicate through the video?

“For me it’s just like a good summertime vibe. you know, kinda my little life, in L.A. when I’m home so, I just wanted to tap into that, and show people what I think summer is. “

What do you want people to think while watching the video?

“I want them to wanna come out and hang with me. It’s such a good vibe they gotta come and hang out.”

What inspired you to have a majority of the video shot at the beach?

“I mean, I live at the beach so, that’s what the summer means to me. And right where the surfing shots were, that’s where I live. I live right there on Manhattan beach.”

So, is that your house in the video?

“I wish that was my house in the video, that’s Ryan Braun’s house. Pretty sweet spot huh?”

It looked amazing! Now I also have some questions about your upcoming Corona shows. How did you begin working with Corona in the beginning?

“It started like a year and half ago, just some beach volleyball events. And then it kind of turned into a little initiative where they really just supported my music and they’re really really really just a good brand. They really support independent music. They do a lot of different initiative’s everything from sponsoring people, they do some stuff for O.A.R. on their tour. They’re a really really good company in terms of having that grass-roots initiative as a priority, and there’s a lot of brand’s out there that just do little stuff, but Corona is really supporting a lot of cool thing’s, and our little tour happens to be one of them.”

Who else is going to be on the tour with you?

“Right now it’s just me, there’s a few other place’s that have some opener’s but it’s really just to do some grass-root show’s in the local market, And it’s just so far been me headlining.”

How does it feel to be headlining and having fan’s come out to just see you?

“It’s great, it’s really really cool. With everything music has been building since I started back in 2007, and it’s been great, really really great.”

What are you most excited about for tour? What’s something you love to do on tour?

“I just like meeting new people, and just being places I that I never thought I would come to. Like right now, I’m in these beautiful mountains, and beautiful cloud’s, up in Colorado. If I was playing music I wouldn’t be able to do most of this stuff. The travel it’s the best part, It’s also the tough part, definitely tiring and just hard on your body and all.”

On a scale of one to ten how much would you say you love Corona?

“Well it’s kinda crazy, I grew up in California and grew in kinda the beach scene, and the two beer’s I ever drink are Corona and Pacifico. I mean before I ever even knew those guys, it’s all I ever drank, so for me it’s like a perfect partnership. Like at first I was all “You’re My favorite I love you!” and know with them and their support. It’s cool I just like their product and it’s cool their supporting what I’m doing.”

And lastly, your freestyling, how did that start and what do you free style about?

“Freestyling to me is the most direct way to connect with an audience. So, many band’s can sit there and rehearse songs, you can have your show planned out, you can have everything your going to do locked down, That’s awesome but for me. Freestyling, it’s the present,this is what’s going on right now. I normally get random topic’s from the audience and try to make up a song. It’s really exciting for me, because you can crash and burn at any point, you can have a terrible freestyle. I even surprise myself sometimes. It’s always allowed me number one to connect no matter what show I’m performing, what the situation is. And for me, it’s one of those things that alway’s keeps it fresh and in the moment. There’s definitely not that many people who do it, for sure. Definitely not that many people who play guitar.”







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