'Pretty Little Liars': The Kahn Game 3.09 Recap


In the morning before school, Aria tries to show Spencer a picture from Maya’s site of a stamp on her wrist matching one that Emily remembers from that night and one that Holden also had on his wrist. Spencer tells Aria that she can’t help and is freaking out about school and missing the deadline bringing up the fact that their problem-solving is getting in the way of their school work. At the café, Aria and Spencer see Cece and she invites them to a party and at the party is a guy who supposedly became an admissions counselor at UPenn.

That morning, Hanna’s mom finds out about the court order to get some of Hanna’s blood and see if it is a match with the blood found on the bracelet that Spencer and (stepbrother) found. She immediately calls Veronica Hastings because she is the lawyer that all the girls are using.

Hanna and Caleb have a little moment in the hall at school that is very awkward for them. He asks if she has seen Spencer and that he has a new password for Maya’s site so that they can get in to the site easier. (Surprise! Tyler Blackburn’s song “Find a Way” plays in the background! Aaaww!) As Caleb walks away and around the corner, Hanna receives a text from ‘A’. When she sits with Spencer, she shows her the text and it says, ‘The Apple Rose Grill at closing time. Go alone or Caleb pays. –A’’. Spencer tells Hanna that she can’t go because it isn’t safe and Hanna fires back asking her what if it were Toby. Spencer tells her that she would hope she would say the same thing because she doesn’t want to lose anyone else. They see Emily with Paige and talk about how they haven’t seen her that happy since Maya and decide that they still aren’t going to tell her that they got in to Maya’s site.

Ezra’s little brother, Wesley, is at Ezra’s apartment and when Aria walks up, she can hear them fighting. He leaves in a huff after telling Ezra to “take the offer.” Ezra doesn’t want to tell Aria what is going on and Aria breaks it to Ezra that his mother offered money to Aria to break up with Ezra. He finally tells Aria that his brother came back to try to help him get back the Jag he sold. But the Jag wasn’t technically his because he disowned his inheritance so it went to Wes. Well, when Ezra hit a rough patch, Wes told him that he could sell the car and keep the money. Their mom then found out about the car and claimed some type of “sentimental value” with the car and wants it back. Sadly for Ezra, the new owner wants double what he paid for the car so Ezra now has to borrow the extra money from his mom.

Emily asks Hanna about the website and Hanna tells her that Caleb found a way around the password and that there were journal-esque type entries on the website – pictures, videos, etc. Hanna gives Emily the password and offers to look at the site with her, but Emily declines and says that she wants to look at it alone.

While Aria is at Spencer’s house helping her get ready, they start talking about Cece and how they never know anything about her even though Ali would have dangled her in front of their faces like a pair of diamond earrings.

At the party Aria and Spencer got invited to, which happens to be at Noel Kahn’s cabin, they get stamps on the inside of their wrists and it’s the same one that Emily remembers from when she was drugged. As they look at the people in the cabin, they realize that they are all around Noel’s older brother’s age and don’t know what Maya would have been doing there. Cece then shows back up and after Spencer jumps in asking if she found Stephen (Cece’s friend working at UPenn), Cece takes the envelope with Spencer’s application, tells her that you have to meet him first, and leads them to the game room. Eric is in there playing “Truth or Dare” with some people and when he sees Cece, he walks over to them saying “Cece Drake, back from the dead.” As Cece is playing “Truth or Dare” with Eric, Noel and Jenna show up at the party, together, and Aria challenges Noel to a game of “Truth or Dare”.

After blowing off her mom telling her that she is going to meet Aria at the Grill, she  goes to the grill and is standing on the sidewalk waiting for whatever ‘A’ texted her about. Caleb then shows up and when Hanna tells him to leave, he tells her that ‘he is A’ and he sent that text. Hanna finally tells him the truth that there is a new ‘A’ that is harassing them. He tells her that now that he knows, she doesn’t have to keep anything from him. She tells him that it was ‘A’ who ran his mom off the road to scare the crap out of her, which worked. She asked him if he thinks she would have really let him walk out the door if she had a choice.

During the game, Aria and Noel are shooting out questions and answers left and right. Aria asks about Maya and if she had been invited to the parties and he says that she may have been there a few times. He said that he knew her because she was hot, in to the ladies, and moved in to the DiLaurentis house so everyone knew her. Aria asks him where he was the night that Ali’s grave was dug up and he said that he was probably at the cabin and Eric vouched for him. All of Noel’s questions to Aria were about Ezra (jealousy?) and the game ends with Noel asking Aria about her boyfriend and what he did for a living the first few months of their relationship. Spencer then challenges Jenna and tells her that she will be next.

After Spencer followed Aria outside to check up on her, Cece found them and told Spencer that Jenna was getting ready to leave soon and Aria tells her to go that she will just call Ezra because she can’t stay there any longer. When she calls Ezra, it is Wesley that answers the phone. He writes down the address of where Aria is to give to Ezra so he can pick her up.

During Spencer and Jenna’s game of “Truth or Dare”, they make Aria and Noel’s game look like child’s play! Jenna goes first asking Spencer why her mother is defending a murderer and she says that maybe her mom believes he is innocent and that Maya’s murderer is still at large. Jenna also asked if it was because Garrett started dating her sister, but Spencer doesn’t answer it because it isn’t Jenna’s turn anymore. Spencer asks Jenna more questions about the night that she found Emily because she didn’t tell them that Noel was with her too. Jenna asks Spencer if she is still going to keep up her end of the bargain (the video).  Jenna wonders where the girls found Emily that night when Noel jumps in saying that they were trying to help Emily when they found her in a diner completely drunk. Spencer points out that it wasn’t in the middle of the road like she first said and Jenna said that she lied because she was trying to protect someone. Jenna then asks where the video is and Spencer asks which one because there was more than one. Jenna says that she knows exactly which one and when Spencer tells Jenna that she wants to know where the body is and if she tells her she can have all the videos she wants, the alarm goes off signaling that the game is over.

While Aria is expecting Ezra to show up to pick her up, it ended up being Wes because Ezra was really busy. Aria seems a bit suspicious as to why he had Ezra’s phone and car.

Caleb starts asking Hanna more about the website and ‘A’. He tells her that if they can figure out who killed Maya through the website, they could figure out who ‘A’ is. He tells her that ‘A’ could be another close friend of hers and wonders if she is prepared for that. She tells him that she has missed him so much that it is making her do stupid, crazy things, which he counters by telling her that she’s saying this to a guy who just kidnapped his girlfriend. He then tells her that he is going to help them stop ‘A’ and he isn’t asking her for permission and then proceeds to kiss her.

Back at the party, Spencer finds Cece and is freaking out because Aria left, she is the only person she knows, and is also her ride back home. She appears to be drunk and Spencer accuses her of bringing the girls along just so that she can see Eric and that there was no UPenn guy at the party and asks for her application back. Cece tells her that she doesn’t have the application because Stephen showed up and it is probably with the “on time” applications now. Spencer then asks Cece if they can please leave and Cece says they can.

Ashley, Hanna’s mom, and her boyfriend, Ted, are having a nice dinner when Ashley gets a call from the police department about needing Hanna’s blood sample.  Of course the person on the other end is Detective Wilden and Ashley gives him an earful about targeting Hanna. After their dinner, Ashley was on the phone with Veronica trying to get the court order stopped and Ashley tells Ted what is going on with Hanna and Wilden targeting her. Ted tells her that he believes Hanna will be fine.

During Aria’s ride back with Wes, she questions him about giving Ezra the message and his role in the sale and repurchase of the car when Wes assumes that Ezra told her about someone named Maggie. He said that he didn’t find out about it until just recently because he was young when it happened, but that Ezra got her pregnant, wanted to do the right thing by her, and then Diane showed up with her “magic purse strings and whoosh there goes that problem.” Wes then deduces that Ezra never told her about that and Aria wants to get back as soon as possible.

When they arrive back at the apartment, Ezra is just getting in and Aria stops him to make him talk about what happened. When Ezra doesn’t say anything, Aria can’t believe it and turns around getting ready to leave when Ezra runs after her. He says that Maggie got pregnant after graduation and after Aria asked what happened, he said that his mom happened. He thought she could help, so he told her about what happened and she said that she would take care of it. Aria realized that, same as with her, Diane offered Maggie money to “take care of it,” and that was that. Ezra then moved to Rosewood, went to Hollis and became a Fitz. The money came with stipulations such as Maggie never speaking to Ezra again. He begs Aria to please go inside and talk to him and she agrees.

Tyler’s song is on again! I absolutely love ABC Family’s support of the actors/actresses!

Spencer, back at her house, calls Toby and tells him that she misses him and is worried about him. Remember, he is off trying to figure out who ‘A’ is. When she gets off the phone, she has an e-mail from UPenn saying that her application had been received! Seems Cece really did not lie to her!




The last scene, the ‘A’ scene, shows ‘A’ getting a unit somewhere. The lady tells ‘A’ that if he/she is a good tenant and pays the rent on time, the landlord doesn’t really bother tenants. The unit is, of course, unit A.

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