'Pretty Little Liars': Stolen Kisses 3.08 Recap

Spencer, Aria and Hanna are looking in to Maya’s website and trying to figure out why Maya would be trying to help them and give them the website. Hanna believes that Mona may be trying to help them because she has someone after her too. Emily comes in and tells them that she was on the phone with Nate and she told him that they would hike up with him to the old boat house because it was Maya’s favorite spot. As they were talking about trying to hack in to the site, Emily tries a password she thought it may have been and said that she guesses she didn’t know Maya as well as she thought she did.

Emily and Nate are at the boathouse talking about Maya and what all they remember about her. Nate then tells Emily that Jenna stood him up, that she was sorry but a situation came up. Nate then asked Emily if she was ever scared to go up to the lake alone and Emily told him no because Maya was always there. He points out that he never understood how someone could kill someone else, but then he looked at Garrett and realized “yea, I could kill him.” Nate tells her that he didn’t mean to scare her with that talk and that he doesn’t want her to be afraid of him.

When Aria goes to see Ezra, she meets his mother, Diane. She calls her Mrs. Fitz, but when she says that it’s actually Fitzgerald and that Ezra shortened it, you have to wonder if maybe he is hiding something. She invites them to an event and Aria says that she wants to go, but Ezra tries to talk her out of it. When she leaves, Aria asks Ezra what all his mother knows about them and he tells her that she thinks they met after he left his job at Rosewood High.

Spencer and Hanna keep trying to break in to Maya’s site and Spencer tells her that the site “is not a piñata, [she] can’t just whack at it with a stick.” Spencer suggests that they ask Caleb for some help on how to get around the password since he is back in town. Hanna guesses that is ok even though she doesn’t want to see him. Toby comes in to Spencer’s house and after Spencer sends Hanna upstairs to wait for her, Toby begins getting mad at Spencer saying that Jason left town and left them covering for him and lying to the police about the hit and run. When Spencer reaches for her phone, Toby grabs it out of her hands and begins telling her about how she needs protection from people and that those people are her family. He also points out that even though Mona is at Radley and Garrett is locked up, she still jumps whenever her phone goes off. She tells him that it’s complicated and Toby says that he will find out for himself.

Emily goes to see Paige and starts telling her that she got sick because she drank from her flask and wants to try to explain. She asks Paige to talk with her at some point so she can explain but Paige doesn’t seem to want to. Emily keeps persisting until Paige gives in and agrees to meet her in a few days after school.

When Hanna was at Spencer’s house, she got a text from Wren saying that they needed to talk. When they meet up at The Brew, Wren tells her that Radley is going to move Mona to another facility in Saratoga so she can get a more intense treatment. They believe that she is a liability and want her in a high security center because they believe she has been smuggling medicines to some of her visitors.

The next day at school, Spencer sees Caleb getting to school and begins talking to him. She asks him about how to get around a very strong password. He tells her that that is a very abstract question and she slowly tells him a little more by saying that it is a site she needs to get on but doesn’t have a password for. At some point she ended up telling him more because when the scene comes back, Spencer is telling him that Mona gave them the site and doesn’t know if it is real or fake. She tells him that she understands if he doesn’t want to do something like this again since he helped them with something before, but he quickly agrees. He points out that whatever is going on, Hanna is important to him and if this can “crush the ‘Mona Monster,’” he is in. They agree to meet after school and as soon as he leaves, Spencer receives a text saying “Mona’s almost gone. Hanna’s next. –A.”

Paige takes Emily running so that they can talk and when Emily can’t run much further, she stops Paige and explains to her about the drug. She tells Paige that it didn’t come from anyone at the party because it was already in the flask but she didn’t know it. Paige realizes that someone did it to Emily but Emily doesn’t know who. Paige asks Emily when it happened and Paige tells Emily that she was with her for part of that night. She tells Emily that around 11, she showed up on her front porch drunk, or what she thought was her drunk, and took her in to her house. Emily says that she doesn’t remember anything, and Paige tells her that she kissed her and believes that Emily thought she was someone else. When Paige went to get Emily a drink, she was gone by the time she got back and couldn’t get an answer on her phone.

Aria and Spencer are looking at pictures they just snapped from Garrett’s file that has information on Maya’s death. She wasn’t just strangled, her trachea was crushed. Lividity shows that she was killed at the scene, right in Emily’s back yard. Her time of death shows between 10 and 2 on the night that Garrett was arrested and Spencer points out that that leaves enough time for Garrett to be arrested and then show up at her house. On the list of prosecution is a name that has a note by Veronica saying “check credibility; break him and it falls apart.” Spencer believes that her mom is going to go after him to break him and get answers and Aria says that she will stop by there so Spencer can be at the house when Caleb gets there.

Hanna is waiting at Radley for Wren to get out from talking with Mona’s doctors and tells her that he wasn’t able to sway their decision and that they will send her away as soon as the paperwork is done. He tells her that he believes they may be going at it the wrong way and that Hanna should speak to them about how Hanna is her friend and has been seeing her to try and help her. Hanna doesn’t believe that she can do it, but Wren tells her that she can.

Aria stops by the address they found for Bart and discovers that it is the movie theater. When she gets there, she makes up a story about needing to pick up a film festival schedule since they aren’t open yet. As she is talking to the gentleman there, he puts on his jacket and she realizes that he is Bart.

Caleb tries to get in through a password and tells Spencer that he really likes to find a “window” to get in to the site and unlock everything from the inside, and Spencer points out that it’s kind of like a burglar.

Back with Aria at the theater, she is talking to Bart about Maya and he asks how her friend that was with Maya is doing. She says they are fine but it’s hard and asks him why the police would talk to him. He says that he remembered her from the picture because he had seen her get in to a cop car with the guy who killed her while he was up on the marquee.

And Caleb gets in to the website! The first thing they see is a video of Maya reading a book and then she starts talking to the camera saying that the site is where she is going to keep things since she keeps losing them. She then says to beware that the site is cursed then starts laughing which makes Caleb and Spencer very uneasy. The video ends and they are brought to the main page that says “Welcome to Maya Space!” and almost looks like a collage with stuff everywhere. Spencer calls Aria to tell her about the site and Aria tells Spencer about what Bart told her.

Aria is at the event that Ezra’s mom invited them to looking at a poster when Ezra comes up behind her saying that they are his grandparents. Aria can’t believe this because they have endowment funds for the arts as well as other funds and scholarships. Around the building are sculptures and other art pieces that Aria connects as being his families. When he confirms that, Aria tells him “your family doesn’t have money, your family has money.” He confesses that he should have told her and she said that he was cutting off more than a name going from Fitzgerald to Fitz. The reason he didn’t tell him was because he wasn’t ok with his family and the fact that they kept everything away from people. When Ezra goes off to talk to people and Aria is looking at all the different pieces around the room, Diane comes up to Aria asking her questions about her and Ezra. Aria points out that she is asking questions like she already knows the answers and she points out that it is very easy to get the information you need about people. She begins to demean Aria’s family and when Aria tells her that her family is none of her business, she says that Aria is acting as if she hurt her feelings. She has something up her sleeve and I didn’t like her from the getgo. She points out that she may not agree with the way that Ezra is living his life, but she is not going to stand around and watch Aria ruin it. She points out that it is Aria that caused Ezra to not be able to stay at the high school, and she caused him to be let go from Hollis. Diane then tells Aria that there can be “real world compensation” for ending what they have going on and when Aria clues in to the fact that she will pay her to leave Ezra, she stalks out of the area.

Ezra confronts his mom asking what she said to Aria and she acts dumbstruck as to what happened and then tells him that maybe it was past her bedtime. Ezra tells her that she doesn’t understand why he wants nothing to do with his family and continues to tell her off by saying that she can continue to endow whatever she wants, but that there is not a generous bone in her body and walks away.

Hanna decided to give her speech to the doctors on Mona’s case and tells them that she should not move because she needs the stability that Radley brings, the friends she has around, and then tells them that if it was her in Radley about to be moved, that Mona would be doing the same thing for her.  After some debate, the doctors decided to delay any decision to transfer Mona and she gets to stay! Hanna gets so excited that she kisses Wren. She backs away almost immediately realizing what she just did when she gets a text from Spencer asking if she has talked to Emily and that she has something to show her.

Aria ended up going home and when her dad finds her, she is depressed looking and he asks if she is ok. She asks him if she ruined Ezra’s life and is responsible for everything.  He tells her that she hasn’t done anything and that no one could ever be harmed by having her in their life.

The site has tons and tons of videos, pictures, etc., that you don’t know what it is until it is opened. Some videos look like videos that Maya took of Emily, and some are videos Maya took of herself. One video is of a very nervous Maya outside talking about how she can’t be a coward and needs to face her fears. When she sees lights coming towards her, she puts the camera down and the girls decide they need to call Emily immediately. When they call Emily, she is swimming with Paige after confessing to her that she wants to be with her.

The A clip at the end of the episode shows money being strapped, $50,000 to be exact, and given to A.


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