'Pretty Little Liars': Crazy 3.07 Recap

In the beginning to the episode while Hanna is up getting ready for school, Detective Wilden shows up at her house telling her that she is wanted to test her blood to see if it matches the blood on the bracelet. As the girls are walking down the street later, they are talking about Hanna having to go to the police station. Emily suggested that maybe Spencer’s mom could block the court order and that Hanna has another 48 hours before anything can be done as Wilden cannot talk to the girls without a parent present due to his actions in earlier episodes.

When the girls walk in to the coffee shop where Emily works, they hear a girl tell them “take it from me, you’re always better off with a really good lie.” The girls thought it sounded a lot like Alison but it actually ended up being one of Ali’s friends, Cece, who knew information about each of the girls. Ali knew Cece from summers spent at Cape May with their respective families and the two were very close. When Cece left, the girls pointed out just how freakishly a like Cece and Ali were in their mannerisms.

At school, Spencer is openly working on her computerized version of ‘A’s lair adding in a note about Ali’s summers at Cape Cod with Cece when Toby shows up. He starts questioning her about the party he went to with Hanna and she tells him that she was with Jason when they found the anklet. He points out that she once thought that he killed Alison but that “evidence can get distorted” or “taken out of context” and he basically tells her that she shouldn’t be judging Garrett and still believing that he killed Ali.

Nate comes up to Emily at her job asking her about opinions on a “present” for Jenna. He didn’t bring anything to her party and felt bad so on their date he plans on giving her a present. He talks about how he wants help from her because she and Jenna are good friends – according to Jenna. He also tells her that Jenna had some nice things to say about Maya, too, even though she really only knew Maya from her aunt giving Maya rides home.

When Aria and Hanna get to Hanna’s house, on the island in the kitchen is an Ouija board with the ‘A’ circled and all the other letters scratched out. When Hanna tries to pick up the planchette (the object that moves around the board to the letters) her finger is pricked by small little nails and there is a message that says, “See how easy it is for me to get your blood?” Hanna begins freaking out that ‘A’ was in her house and that they need to leave. Aria finally gets Hanna to talk and she tells her that the hand piece that goes with the board was buried with Ali. Mona and Hanna had been playing with the board before they found Ali’s body.

In the flashback, Mona first asks the board “Spirits, can you hear us?” and the piece moves. After Hanna tries to ask a question about her then-boyfriend, Shaun, Mona decides to ask the board “Spirits, do you know what happened to Alison DiLaurentis?” and the piece moves to the “yes”. The piece then starts moving and spells out “A-L-I-B-E”. Mona thinks that it was trying to say that “Alison is alive” and then when the lightning flashed, Hanna saw Ali standing outside of her back door, but when the view turned back towards the door, nobody was there anymore.

Back in the present time, Aria points out that by that time, Mona was already the original ‘A’ and that she could have just hired someone to scare Hanna. Aria thinks that this could prove that Mona is in contact with another ‘A’ since the person knew that the keepsake was Hanna’s. Hanna can’t go in to see Mona at Radley to question her about it, Aria offered to go. Just as soon as that decision is decided, a vase breaks outside of the back door scaring both of the girls and Hanna tells Aria she is staying at her house for the night.

When Spencer walks out the front doors of the high school, she sees Jason running by and calls to him. She asks him about what his parents are thinking about the anklet and Ali’s killer, but also asks him about Cece. He told her that he and Cece did have an intense summer but that everything with Cece was intense.

At the store that Cece is working in, Spencer and Nate are in there looking around for a present for Jenna with Cece. When Nate walks away, Cece questions Spencer about who he is looking for a present for because it seems like she doesn’t like her. She says that it’s for Jenna and Cece first thinks that Jenna got to Nate before she could and that she likes him, but Emily quickly tells her that they are just friends. Cece tells Emily that if she doesn’t want to get with Nate, then she is blind and then realizes that she is the one with a giant crush on Ali. Nate calls Emily asking her opinion on some ideas, a scarf, a pair of earrings, and a bracelet. Nate points out that Maya had some earrings like the ones he found and Emily tells him that she got Maya those earrings a week before she was murdered. She questions how he knew about the earrings and he tells her that they must have been in a picture she sent him or something.

When Aria goes to Radley to see Mona she expects to be turned away because of Mona not being allowed visitors, but instead the nurse at the desk tells her that her status has changed and she can see Mona.

Spencer talked to her mom about Hanna’s court order and she said that she can’t get a court order blocked in just an afternoon but that she will try. After their chat, Hanna got in to her car and was hiding from Mr. DiLaurentis who just got back in to Rosewood and then jumped out when he got up towards her car. She tells him that she is sorry for something she did, that she knew they were going through a lot, and that what she did didn’t help. She explained to him that she didn’t touch Ali’s grave and that nobody wants to see Ali be at peace more than she does when he interrupted her. Mr. DiLaurentis said that at the time what she did seemed like a childish prank and then he walked off.

Back at Radley, Aria and Mona’s visitation is being monitored so they can’t really talk about what needs to be talked about. Mona gets the nurse to walk away to get her medicine and says that Aria better start talking. Aria tells her about the planchette being found in Hanna’s kitchen and that that isn’t the only thing they have received out of Ali’s grave. She knows that Mona basically became ‘A’ and did everything she did in the first season because of Hanna and tries to get her to help figure out who is trying to hurt Hanna. All Mona will tell Aria is that it isn’t her and that she was sorry.

When Aria gets out of Radley, Hanna is waiting for her and decides to sneak in to the building. Aria tells her that she isn’t going alone so they sneak in together. When they get to Mona’s room, Hanna goes in and talks to Mona about whom else may know about the day with the Ouija board. When Aria comes in, Mona gets pissed off and starts being stingy with her answers. Hanna tells Mona that Mr. DiLaurentis is still pissed at her and Aria is confused as to what is going on.

Hanna then flashes back to a day where she and Mona are walking down the sidewalk and Mona is telling her about a way of speaking in code so no one knows what/who they are talking about. This code takes the first letter from every word in a sentence and it creates a word. On a tree is a missing sign for Alison and a car comes to a screeching halt in the road and Mr. DiLaurentis is seen stalking towards the two girls yelling at Hanna about something she did that gave his wife hope and he couldn’t believe that she did it.

Back in the present day, Hanna tells Aria that she called Mrs. DiLaurentis and told her that Ali was still alive. Three days later, they found her body. While they are talking about how Mr. DiLaurentis still hates Hanna, Mona escapes from the room and the girls go looking for her.  Hanna sees a door that is normally closed sitting just a bit open with a pair of her tweezers on the floor.

As Spencer is driving down the road, a car flies past her and she realizes that it is Jason. He gets in to a wreck and Spencer goes to check on him. She is worried about him and ends up driving him and his wrecked car home while leaving hers at the scene on and with the door open. When she gets home, Toby is waiting for her and she tells him that they need to hurry up and pick up her car. She’s too late though because when she opens up the door, Detective Wilden is there asking about her car. Toby ends up covering for her telling him that he and Spencer have been home all afternoon and that someone must have stolen the car. Wilden pointed out that a stolen car was never reported and left the house a bit iffy. Toby then grills Spencer about why her car was left at the scene and that he had hoped to be done with the police.

When Hanna and Aria are walking through the Children’s Ward, they see lots of dilapidated pieces like it hasn’t been used in decades. The farther in the get, they start hearing a humming noise. They walk in to a very creepy room with cribs, and then venture in to the next room where they find Mona brushing out a doll’s hair. She begins saying, “Ms. Aria, you’re a killer, not Ezra’s wife,” and repeats that sentence numerous times before Hanna snatches the doll and Mona moves on to another doll. She says, “Where were we? Maya’s away sleeping sweet, until Garrett’s all rosy count on me.” As someone is calling out for Mona, Hanna begins to get impatient with Mona and Mona tells her, “No one to save Ali from evil.” The girls hide in a closet while Mona gets taken back to her room and when they get out of the closet they are stunned.

Hanna goes back to Aria’s house for the night like she said she would, and while she is tossing and turning in bed, she realizes something and all the girls get together. Hanna tells the girls that what Mona was telling them was a code. The sentences that Mona gave them make “not safe,” “Maya knew,” and “wwwmassugarcom” making a website. The website leads to a site with Maya on the front asking for the magic word. Aria asks the girls if they think Mona meant that they aren’t safe, or that she (Mona) isn’t safe.

The last scene, the ‘A’ scene, has ‘A’ walking through the children’s ward, popping the head off of a doll, and taking out a voice recorder that recorded everything that was said.

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