Interview with The Real World's Marie Roda

Marie Roda is New York native who was on this season of MTV’s ‘The Real World: St. Thomas’. She is one of the funniest and most honest people we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing. Check out our interview with Marie below. We discuss Robb, Max, ‘True Blood’, liquor and the new season of MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ premiering 9/19, which Marie will be on! You can follow Marie on twitter at @MarieMTV.

What is the story behind your Hakuna Matata tattoo?

“I’m not really passionate about anything in life. My big joke when I was growing up was that if I ever got a tattoo it would be Hakuna Matata. So obviously on my 21st birthday when I felt the need to get a tattoo that is what I woke up with. I’m just glad I didn’t wake up with my first choice, which was a big L on my head for loser. I sometimes forget I have the tattoo, but when I catch it, it makes me feel better!”

What made you want to be a ‘Real World’ cast member?

“I went to college for four years, and then I was in the real world. The real world just sucked. So why not do the ‘Real World’ and live my glory days all over again? Everyone takes being in college and being a student for granted. They don’t realize that working 9-5 and being adult isn’t fun.”

Where you as big of a prankster back home?

“I don’t really consider it pranking. My friends and I always messed with each other. When I put peanut butter on Robb’s back it wasn’t a prank. It was just me being annoying. I guess I mess with people a lot, but all of my friends mess with each other.”

Since Robb called off Emily’s visit, what made you want to still have Max come?

“I was so uncomfortable with the situation. The thing was at one point I emailed Max, and told him I was sort of with Robb and didn’t want him visiting. Then one night I was drunk and mad at Robb so I told Max to come. After that I couldn’t go back again and tell Max not to come. It was just a really uncomfortable situation. It was not a good move.”

How did you react to finding out about Robb hurting himself? Did watching the show now make you wish you’d done things differently?

“When I was on St. Thomas I feel like I never really took it as serious as it was. I have friends at home who get really drunk and bump their heads into walls. So I thought it was something like that. That’s why I came off really insensitive. I’m a tough love kinda girl. Now watching it, and seeing what he was doing to himself, I had the biggest knot in my stomach. I should have been there for him, and I should have been more sensitive. But, I’ve never been around anyone whose done something like that. I’d never really even heard of someone doing something like that.”

Is there something you wish you could have done that you didn’t get a chance to do?

“I wish we got the opportunity to visit the BVI’s, but because they were out of the country we weren’t allowed too.”

Did you have favorite day while on St. Thomas?

“We marched in a parade during Carnival, and we got to dress up in these elaborate costumes, and be really ridiculous. I did this weird dance. I like making people uncomfortable; I just find that awkward situation to be hilarious. During the dance I look like I have no rhythm, but I keep a completely straight face so people think I think I do have rhythm. The troop manager was like “please don’t dance like that. We’re being judged.” It was definitely one of the most fun days.”

Do you prefer beer or liquor?

“Liquor before beer and you’re in the clear. I love liquor! You have to have beer in your hand while you’re waiting for your next shot though.”

Did you enjoy working, hanging out around the house, or going out at night the most?

“I woke up really early all the time, while my roommates slept so late. I would frolic around the house by myself a lot. Sometimes I would wake up Robb and be like “come hang out with me, I’m bored.” Night was a lot of fun, but St. Thomas was really expensive. We’d get paid on Thursday, and by Saturday Robb and I would be broke, because of all the shots we’d buy for strangers at the bars.”

Who was the loudest snorer?

“No one woke me up snoring. We were all in separate rooms so I don’t know if anyone snores. Maybe Swift. He probably snored.”

How has twitter influenced your ‘Real World’ experience? What is the best and worst tweet you’ve gotten?

“It’s crazy to me how mean people can be when their behind a computer. I have tough skin so I laugh things off but I can’t imagine people who don”t. It’s really terrible. Most of the mean tweets have to do with my physical appearance, but the love I get from my followers who do like me is overwhelming and totally cancels out all the other haters. Katt Williams said it best, “Don’t say my hair ain’t luxurious when you know it is bitcccchessss!!” haha”

Is there something you wished ‘Real World’ fans knew about you that they don’t?

“I don’t take anything seriously in life. It is actually one of my downfalls I’m coming to find out. I’m just not a serious person. I laugh at uncomfortable situations and I make rude jokes, because that’s my type of humor. Something would happen on the show, and I’d be like “Oh my god that looks so bad.” Meanwhile, my roommates knew I was joking. Like the whole Filippo thing. That was just a complete joke. Everyone thinks I’m a gold digger now, but I’m not. I just like gold. Who doesn’t?”

Favorite TV show?

“True Blood! I watch it religiously. I can’t wait an entire year to find out what’s going on.”

Team Bill or Eric?

“I’m so team Eric. He’s so swagalicious. I love it!”

Did you guys suspect Brandon had done drugs?

“I had no idea Brandon had done drugs. At that time we all knew he had started drinking again but that was the gist of it. At first LaToya and I thought it was Brandon Swift who got in trouble. We literally did a happy dance around the confessional room. Unfortunately that wasn’t that case.”

Did the dynamic of the house change at all once Brandon left?

“Brandon leaving really brought the six of us together. It is then that we realized we had only each other to share this once and a lifetime experience with. All the pettiness was stupid and we decided we wanted to join our last few weeks together… in peace.”

If you could describe the ‘Real World’ reunion in one word what word would you chose?

“Fire. Every single one of us sat in the hot seat at least once…some more than others. But remember kids, when you play with fire… you’re gonna get burned.”

Can you tell us anything about the new ‘Challenge’?

“The Challenge was a completely different experience. It’s battle of the seasons, but it’s also a battle within the seasons. There is a whole lot of drama! If people thought I was crazy in St. Thomas, they have no idea! I am probably one of the most competitive people in the world. I was a little manipulative I guess. I told Diem I’d donate my jersey, but my jersey is completely destroyed. They gave me a size medium, but those shirts fit like Ashley from San Diego, so I had to rip my shirt to make it loser on me so I didn’t look like a heffer!”

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