Interview with The LA Complex's Brett Dier

Brett Dier is a fantastic Canadian actor, who began his career at the age of 16. His most recent role was the adorable-supposedly Christian-good boy Brandon on The CW’s ‘LA Complex’. Check out our interview with Brett below, and be sure to follow him on twitter so you can follow his career as he continues to wow us.

Did you originally audition for the role of Brandon and had you watched ‘LA Complex’ before joining the show?

“Yes auditioned for Brandon! I actually went out for Connor’s role first! I did watch all 6 episodes before I auditioned for it to see the feel and vibe of the show and I loved it! I’m very happy to be on such a good show!”

Now that Brandon is no longer on the show is there something you would have liked to happen for the character that didn’t occur?

I would have liked to explore more of who Brandon is. His secrets, his past, maybe even have a paparazzi scene from fans of ‘Saying Grace’ and see how he would deal with that! Its such an interesting character to explore because you only ever saw him on set or at the LUX.. and in bed between two girls…”

Speaking of two girls, what was it like being the first male ‘LA Complex’ character to be in a three some?

Well I knew the show took risks, but I was not expecting a threesome! I actually didn’t know about the threesome scenes until they flew me out to Toronto. I found out at my screen-test and had to say “I’m sorry what?” Martin said “You heard me, threesomes”.”

What was your favorite thing about filming the ‘LA Complex’?

“My favorite thing was the role, and how Brandon is an actor playing an actor on a show! I’ve always wanted to do that haha. The people were great and the overall experience was just lovely.”

Did the scheduling for ‘Mr. Young’ ever over lap with ‘LA’?

My schedule on ‘Mr. Young’ never overlapped with ‘LA Complex’. However, I was shooting a movie in Rhode Island at the same time and let me tell you that was exhausting! I’d be on one set, and the next second I’d be on a plane to another set. The two roles were completely different characters. They were polar opposites actually. It was probably the most intense month of my life. It was very tiring.” 

You’ve guest starred on so many TV shows – which one has been your favorite?

My favourite guest star would have to be ‘Flashpoint’. I like very intense roles, and roles that can challenge me and show my range. That character was a blast to become. I learned so much from it.”

Since you enjoyed playing music in HS have you pursued it at all since then?

Yes, I play the piano and guitar! I just goof around and improv stuff!”

Who is your favorite musician or band?

My favourite musician and band change often, but right now it’s Coldplay. I also love jazz music.”

What is your favorite hobby outside of acting?

My favourite hobby outside acting would probably have to be watching loads and loads of movies. I’m a movie guy. That’s why I’m excited to be at TIFF film festival! I’ll be shooting a show in Toronto when it’s on so I’m going to have to check out a couple flicks.

Can you tell us about your role in “Bomb Girls”?

“My role in “Bomb Girls” is very intense. It is probably the most challenging role for me to date. I play a soldier coming back from a two year war, and he’s a little messed up from it all. I’m very excited about it.


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