Interview with Grace Valerie!

Grace Valerie is a Russian born superstar! Grace is most known for her song “When The Lights Go Down” which was released on Randy Jackson’s dance label Dream Merchant 21. Grace is currently working on her upcoming debut album. Take a look at our interview with Grace below!


How long have you been into music and singing?

“I’ve been singing since I was a little girl, and since childhood I was always into music. I was giving my family and my friend’s free concert’s at home and whenever we went somewhere they had live bands, karaoke, or some live music, so music was my passion since my childhood. But I started working in show business back home in Russia when I was like 15 years old. So, it’s been a while and I’m really thankful that I’m able to do what I love.”

When did you move from Russia to Las Angeles, California?

“I moved two years ago. It’s going to be two year’s next month. So, it’s been a while.”

Do you get to go home to Russia and visit?

“I do sometimes because I miss my family and friend’s. They alway’s come here and visit me here in The United States. But, when I have some free time I alway’s go and see them in Russia.”

How did you begin to work with Randy Jackson?

“When I moved to Los Angeles my management introduced me to him. It was really surprising. I didn’t expect to meet him, but we had a meeting and we talked about my music, what I want to do, what I love to do, listen to my music and he saw my video. He decided to work with me. He decided to sign my to his record label.”

How is it working with him?

“It’s amazing! I really love Randy. He’s very honest and he’s a great musician, he’s a good mentor. I’m really glad he’s my producer and I’m really happy that I work with him.”

Who do you look up to in the music industry?

“My biggest inspiration is Beyoncé. I think she was always an icon for me. Ever since Destiny’s Child I was a fan of her Music. I like her so much. I love her music, I think she’s a beautiful and gorgeous lady. She has a good family, she’s happy, she has a kid now. It seem’s like everything in her life is amazing, she always gets what she wants but she works very hard for it. I think she’s a perfect example.”

How did you feel when your song “When The Lights Go Down” blew up and became popular?

“It was weird, like for real. I was driving in the car and it would come on the radio, or during show’s I would see people in the front row singing the lyrics and they knew the song they were jumping and spinning to it. It feel’s amazing and so surreal. But, kind of weird because I worked so hard for it and finally I see the results. Its fantastic.”

What was it like making the music video for it?

“It’s all really crazy because I had a great team. Great choreography, great stylist, great directors. who controlled everything. My job was only to get into character and try to look sexy and funky, free and to just enjoy myself on set. My favorite part was making the video, the whole process, but mostly the rehearsal for the choreography and all the camera’s. I enjoyed every second.”

What’s something you want to communicate through the song?

“All my song’s are different. I think each song will have its own sound. “When The Lights Go Down” is really funky and clubby and sexy, So a lot of people who want to go to clubs and have fun or a party at home with their friends or if you just want to have a good time then they’ll love this song. My new single “Don’t Wanna Be Waiting” it has a little bit of a different meaning. The song is about break-ups, it’s a love song. “Dont Wanna Be Waiting” is  different but I think people will like it as well. Maybe somebody who didn’t like “When The Lights Go Down” might like “Dont Wanna Be Waiting” because this song is completely different and I believe people will discover me because, definitely everybody will find a song that they like.”

When can your fan’s expect new music?

“We’re dropping my new single this September so, in a couple of weeks. As I said it’s called “Dont Wanna Be Waiting”. I’m also working on my album so it;s going to be a lot of new music from Grace Valerie next year for sure.”

And lastly, What’s something your fan’s wouldn’t know about you unless you told them?

“When people interact with me, some of them don’t know I’m Russian. I think it’s interesting because it prove’s again the United State’s is one of the most international country’s. People from all over the world come here to achieve their dream and move here to work and study. A lot of people don’t believe I moved here two years ago, which is fantastic because I can do different thing’s and nobody will know I came from a different country. People who follow me on twitter they usually know my interests. Like I love to read books, I love to cook. Sometimes I’ll post funny picture’s of what I’m cooking right now, or the book I’m reading or different quotes. Those people who interact with me on Twitter or Facebook probably know more about Grace Valerie.”

What do you like to cook?

Fish, I love to cook white fish. It’s really simple and easy, it’s just twenty to thirty minutes in the oven and it taste’s fantastic!”

Check out Grace Valerie’s Video Below!




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