Interview with Cameron Crosby

Cameron Crosby is a young talented Canadian actor and musician. There was a time when Cameron thought he’d pursue a career in music, but a few years ago he realized acting was his true passion and he’s been following his dream of being an actor ever since! He’s done two shorts titled “Book of Kings” and “Going”. He is currently filming a film called “Dark Cove”. Check out our interview with Cameron below, and be sure to follow him on twitter @CameronCrosby. Keep your eyes posted on HRC for an official “Dark Cove” release date!

How did you originally get involved with acting?

“Well technically I got started in acting when I was 2 years old in a Huggies commercial! No, that is true, but I’ve been acting since I was about 10 years old but took a hiatus from about 13-20 because I thought my career was going to be in music. I’ve always known I was going to be an actor it just took me a little while to find my way back.”

Do you prefer working on theater, shorts or television?

“I’d have to say theatre because there is more time to prepare, to really settle in and do some serious development in the character. There is also no other feeling like being on that stage in front of a live audience, it’s almost addicting like a drug, I can’t wait to get on stage every night! It reminds me of being a musician and having to respond off the audience because no two audiences are alike, it’s different every single night so you learn to adapt and I love that kind of spontaneity and it really forces you to stay in the moment.”

What is your favorite movie quote?

“I don’t know if I have a favourite movie quote there’s too many good ones. I definitely have a favourite scene in a movie and that would be the campfire scene from ‘My Own Private Idaho’ which happens to also be my favourite film. I think River Pheonix was on a different level of acting in that film, so honest, heartbreaking and tragic how desperately he just wants love. The character really resonated with me because I played a very similar character in a play called ‘Blowing Whistles’ so I really felt like I knew where he was coming from.”

Do you plan on staying in Canada or moving to LA?

“I am working on making a name for myself in Canada first before I head anywhere in the US. I was told once by an actor I greatly admire that you don’t go to LA, if they want you bad enough they’ll come to you.”

What is the hardest thing about being an actor? What has your toughest audition been?

“The hardest thing about being an actor is being so in love with something and not being able to work ALL the time but I’ve started taking things into my own hands and am learning how to turn that possibility into a reality. Sometimes I take myself a little too seriously and had a callback for an audition for a street kid…so the night before I hung out on the streets of the worst area in Vancouver I could find and hung out with real street kids all night then went to the audition in the morning.”

If you could have a guest starring role on any TV show – which one would you chose?

“If I could be on any show it would be ‘Boardwalk Empire’. They have the most amazing actors/writers/directors and I’ve always been fascinated by crime, the underworld and just the characters and direction the show goes in is so real I would be honoured to be involved in such a great story. That’s what it all comes down to for me is the story.”

Favorite musician or band?

“My favourite band at the moment is a band from Vancouver called ‘Tough Lovers’. I’ve seen them perform from when they first became a band to where they are now and they’ve just grown so organically and into something really special and really found a unique sound that fits who they are and I think people are going to start taking notice of them in the next little while!”

What is the best concert you’ve gone to lately?

“I saw a singer from Montreal, Canada named ‘Patrick Watson’ a few months ago and he just blew me away! No one does it better the way he interacts and feeds off the crowd. Before he would play a song he would tell the crowd how the song came to be and why he wrote it and he just had the whole place so moved everyone was in tears. It was such a beautiful thing to be a part of.”

Tell us about your role in Dark Cove? Do you know when it’s set to be released?

“My role in ‘Dark Cove’ is a character named ‘Donnie’. He’s a British hooligan who attaches himself to whoever can stand to be around him long enough without trying to kill him. It was such a fun character to play because on the surface he may look one dimensional but there was a lot to work on, he’s got addiction problems, he’s british, he is very afraid of being alone and desperately seeks approval from whoever is around, so I had to break up all things and work on them individually then smash them all together and then you have ‘Donnie’. I kind of based the accent on a musician Pete Doherty and everyone on set really enjoyed it and would mimic Donnie any chance they could get. I’m not exactly sure when it will be released, I talked to the director the other day and he was just heading to LA for a few meetings so hopefully he’ll have an answer for me when he gets back and you’ll be the first to know!”

Besides acting, what are your hobbies?

“I am and always have been a really creative person. It’s only just in the last few years I have found out how to use that creativity productively instead of harmfully. I’m always happy and feel like I have a purpose when I am creating. I love photography, I have written a few shorts that I will be filming soon and I am also writing a feature about two musicians with a good friend, so I’ll be combining my two favourite things acting and music. I am also directing a music video in the next couple of weeks so I am keeping myself as busy as possible.”

Name one actor or actress you would do anything to share a scene with?

“I would absolutely LOVE to do anything with Tom Hardy. I have a similar past to his and just seeing where he is at right now and the level he’s working at is just so inspiring and I am in absolute awe of the commitment and work he puts into these fascinating characters in every single thing he does.”

Best tweet you’ve ever gotten?

“I had to do a nude scene in the most recent play I did and a reviewer tweeted at me: “Cameron Crosby is fearless and pantless in his authentic portrayal of a trick with a heart”. I had a good laugh and was flattered!”

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