'Bachelor Pad' Season 3 Episode 7 Recap/Review

With four couples left, this episode is the one that decides who will go into the finals.

None of my former favourites are left, so I guess this time I will say that Blakeley and Tony are my favourite because they have a successful relationship (so far). For that reason, I also like Sarah and Chris right now.

The Competition:

For the first competition, the winning group does not get roses. Instead, everybody must pack their bags as the winner gets to decide a couple to go home. ‘Hanging by a thread’ is the challenge. One half of the couple sits above the pool on a seat. The second half of the couple sits and answers Bachelor Pad trivia. Every wrong answer to the trivia questions results in one rope being cut. After three of the six ropes are cut, the person above the pool is hanging by their hands on a trapeze bar. The last person hanging on to their bar (or sitting) wins. Tony’s ropes are cut first, then Sarah, and lastly Ed and they fall in order. Chris loses only one rope as Ed falls, making Chris and Sarah win the challenge. The Sarah/Chris relationship and team is doing really well.

Their prize is to send a team home, and they choose Blakeley and Tony. I’m quite disappointed by who they sent home as I had just said that I liked their team best. When Chris says something to each of the teams as to reasons to send them home… Chris said worse things about the other two teams than about them, but oh well. It’s really cute that Tony gets in her limo as well. Looks like I don’t have to wonder whether Blakeley and Tony are back together though, as – without any spoilers – we’ll find out more on the finale!

The second challenge of the episode results in roses for the winning couple, and the decision as to who joins them in the finale. If you want annoying sounds emanating from your TV, then this is the challenge for you! A big scale karaoke competition at the Hollywood Paladium of the song Sister Christian by Night Ranger. The judges? Night Ranger. Well isn’t that nerve-wracking. At least they get a day to prepare?

Everybody says they’re awful at singing, but you know that at least one person is going to turn out to be reasonably okay. Ed immediately starts planning different creative moves to enhance their performance, and as he knows this song really well from listening to it all the time he probably has an edge. Ed and Jaclyn seemed to be the best at first, but as they continue they start to go downhill. Chris says that Sarah can’t sing, but he isn’t too much better. Sarah went from confidently thinking she was okay but actually not being that good, to being terribly self conscious of how bad she is and not wanting to sing anymore. Nick and Rachel don’t even know the words of the song, so I don’t really know how they’ll succeed with that one. Everybody gets a vocal coach which is good, but I can’t help but feel sorry for those coaches. How out of work were they to get this gig?

When they pull up to the theatre on the night of their performance there’s a bunch of girls in front cheering for them and their names are on the marquee. Such an exciting night for them. Sarah writes lyrics on Chris’ arms incase he forgets the words which is a good idea… but even he thinks he’ll sweat it off. All of the hairspray and eyeliner and 80s clothes… Oh such a wonderful challenge.

And the performances begin. The costumes are entertaining, and my favourite is definitely Rachel’s: a sparkly midriff baring top and leather jacket, jean shorts, and ? So cute. The first performance is Rachel and Nick. I can’t imagine how terrifying this would be, I definitely couldn’t do it. Her voice is decent, but her voice is quite spacey. They seem to be having a bunch of fun, and Nick really pulls out a good rock persona. Nothing seemed very noteworthy though. Jaclyn and Ed perform next. His crazy blond hair is ridiculous and it makes me want to cry. In the most awkward performance, Jaclyn forgets the words within seconds, and they don’t remember very many more lines after that. They end up dry humping on stage and she gives Ed a lap dance. Everybody looked very awkward for them, so I guess they won’t be getting the roses. Sarah and Chris are last, and they seem to have a good chance of winning. They’re very high energy and having a lot of fun. Sarah is a bit crazy in her dance movements, Chris strips off his shirt, they’re just a fun hot mess. The judges seem to like Rachel and Nick’s, hate Jaclyn and Ed’s, and found Sarah and Chris’…entertaining? The winner of this competition was Rachel and Nick. For Nick’s first win, this was really big. They also get to decide who will join them in the finals.

Final Rose Ceremony:

This is a big rose ceremony. One team stays and one team goes. Jaclyn is all freaked out because if Rachel doesn’t take her then their friendship is ruined, and Chris is devastated that he doesn’t have any power. Nick and Rachel begin thinking about the strategy. Nick wants to take Chris and Sarah to win, while Rachel wants to take her friends Ed and Jaclyn. While Nick says that Rachel won’t lose Jaclyn as a friend if Rachel sends her home, Jaclyn says otherwise. Rachel ends up agreeing with Nick and Ed and Jaclyn go home. Chris is the go to guy for comforting the women. I don’t know why, but since his drama ended I’ve really taken a liking to him again.

Couples In The Final:

  1. Rachel and Nick
  2. Sarah and Chris

Final Thoughts:

Jaclyn does nothing but swear about Rachel when in the limo home. Everybody seems so incredibly spiteful and silly during this game. She’s dead to you because you can’t win the money that you don’t need? Get over it.

In the preview for next episode Rachel is wandering around backstage yelling and crying and being overly dramatic, Michael Stagliano and Rachel have a confrontation, and something shocks everybody. And, of course, somebody wins the $250,000.

What do you think of the couples moving into the final? Who do you want to win?

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