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Which Parody is your Favorite?

We’ve been doing cover wars for a while now, and we thought it would be a nice break to switch things up! This week, we have found you, five hilariously funny parodies of your favorite songs!

Below are the top five parodies of songs that we have found. Vote below for the one you like best. If you have any suggestions for a parody of a song that you love and we have missed, please leave it in the comments below. Who knows, we may even add it.

This cover wars ends Monday, October 1st at 5pm CST. 

Parody #1

Artist: Shane Dawson, Michael Gallagher and Wendy McColm

Song: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together


Parody #2

Artist: The Key of Awesome

Song: What Makes You Beautiful


Parody #3

Artist: Dega Bros

Song: Call Me Maybe


Parody #4

Artist: Chad Wild Clay

Song: You Make Me Feel


Parody #5

Artist: TryHardNinja

Song: Payphone



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