Why we love Ben Bass

We recently featured two fun posts that listed our favorite top 10 couples and actors.  Although most of the couples and men featured in these posts sparked a lot of attention and received many votes, it was clear who took the lead as the favorite:  Ben Bass from the intense and spicy cop drama, Rookie Blue. 

And why did he win these polls with such ease?  He’s a brilliant actor.  He’s handsome, smart, and intense.  And we like him.  A lot.

From the TV show, 21 Jump Street, to a starring role as Sam Swarek in Rookie Blue, Ben Bass has proved that he has talent – and lots of it.  As Sam, he plays a sarcastic and flirty cop ruled by instinct who doesn’t always follow the rules.  When his cover is blown, he’s forced to work as a training officer, a job that’s well suited to him.  He exudes confidence and has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and tips to pass on to his fellow rookies.  A man with a passion for what he does and who happens to look hot whilst doing it.  Add a complicated, fiery, and sexy relationship with Andy McNally and we have some great on-screen chemistry that’s off the charts.  No wonder this couple snagged most of the votes in our Favorite Couples poll.

Sam says …

(Quotes from Rookie Blue)

Are you allergic to silence?”

That feeling in your gut, you gotta learn to listen to it. It’s telling you what you need to do. You gotta learn to trust it.”

I’m a city boy, McNally. I can fix your car blindfolded and cuffed.”

You took me down! And I’m awesome. Which, of course, means you are awesome.”

You broke some rules. You disobeyed my orders. You acted like a cop.”

“Hey, I do a lot of things, alright.  I cook.  I clean.  I’m good with tools.  I’m an excellent driver.”

Your mouth is your best weapon. A good copper should be able to talk themselves out of 98 percent of all confrontations.”

Yeah, well. I can’t really work undercover now. Everybody on the street knows I’m a cop. So, thanks for that.”

“If you see any ghosts, yell Boo!”

“All you wanted was to keep being a cop and all I wanted was you.”

For your weekly dose of Ben Bass and Rookie Blue, watch Thursdays 10/9 c pm on ABC.

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