‘Weeds’ Recap: Episode 8.07 “Unfreeze”

I have to admit. I hated the earlier episodes of Weeds. There were no drugs, no suspense, no surprises, nothing was right. So I took a break from writing recaps. I try to be as honest as I can when I write them and I didn’t want to leave the wrong impression of the series ‘Weeds” in it’s last season. But I am happy to tell you that I am back, and so is the drugs, the suspense and the surprises.

It’s crazy to think that with only 5 episodes left ever, that everyone would be getting real jobs. Nancy and Silas started their first day at work at the Smith Johnson

Pharmaceutical Company. Silas is legally growing weed at their facilites and Nancy is a pharmaceutical rep for this drug called Marator, which is essentially weed.

Nancy sets out to sell her legal weed to doctors offices but has no luck. They all turn her away and don’t even give her the time of day. It’s frustrating even for me to see her coming from a background where she can sell drugs illegally without even trying, but she can’t even get anyone to listen to her when it’s legal. So Nancy did what Nancy does best. She slept with the doctor and he bought a boat load of legal weed from her.

This episode got even more career focused when Andy got a job at a synagogue. He is now a Hebrew school teacher for snot nosed tweens. They are complete dicks, but Andy knows just what to do. He scares the kids by locking the windows and doors and told them that they should be safe because he knows martial arts. Leaving the kids confused, he goes on to talk about how in the Torah, a couple kids were making fun of another for being bald. Minutes later two bears attacked the kids and 40 others. He wanted to scare the kids because they were making fun of him. Nice life lesson Andy.

I guess when I think about it, maybe the beginning of this season was so bad because they were making up for a mistake they made last season. Maybe it was never the goal of this season to find revenge on whoever shot Nancy, maybe this season is about forgiveness and acceptance and moving on to bigger and badder things.

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