Weatherstar Interview

In 2009 Southport, CT resident Cameron Walker created Weatherstar. Combining a mix of pop/rock/electronic, Weatherstar has been gaining popularity very quickly. His ‘Out In The Rain’ EP was released in March and he is currently on tour. For more on Weatherstar you can find him on Facebook, Twitter, and

Coming from such a small town, how have you gained so many fans?

At first I used Myspace and Facebook to heavily promote my music later on while I still am active on Twitter and Facebook. I also rely a lot on touring and meeting fans face to face. I feel that there is no better way to show some one you appreciate them for listening to your music than actually playing it in front of them.”

 How have your family and friends reacted to your choice to pursue music?

 “My family and friends have always been really supportive. I think there are always going to be those people that don’t quite understand it because they have different goals or dreams. But I really just try to do my own thing and not worry about what others think.”

In just two years you released three EP’s, toured, and got attention from a lot of notable music sites, what were those two years like?

 “Incredible. I couldn’t ask for anything more. When stuff like that happens you don’t really think of it as a big deal at the time. You’re just like “oh that’s sweet!” but looking back I feel like Weatherstar helped me achieve a lot of my goals.”

You just recently signed a publishing deal with Songs Music Publishing, what was that like?

 “The deal is based around my new project “1985” that Tom DeGrazia and I started. We both had a moment after we signed and it was really a beautiful thing for both of us since we’ve been at it for a long time. It was a great feeling accomplishment and excitement for what’s to come this fall.”

Do you think that being unsigned is an advantage or disadvantage in the music industry? Do you ever hoped to be signed?

 “I think being signed can be great but it’s all circumstantial it depends a lot on the band and who’s signing it. I am always open to signing to working with anyone who understands my vision and has ideas on how to take things to another level.”

 How did you pick the name Weatherstar?

 “My first EP had a lot of lyrics that referred to the weather so I thought the name would be a cool way to stick to that theme.”

You seem to be very involved with your fans (phone calls, meeting them for dinner, etc.). Most bands don’t do that, can you explain your decision?

 “We do a lot of different contests via the Facebook fan page where fans send in art or drawings and we pick winners. For one contest while on tour we actually let contest winners into the venues early to join us for a pizza dinner before the show. More recently I let fans help design the album art for the re-release of the first Weatherstar EP. Every day I am reminded of how lucky I am to have people who care about my art and I will never take that for granted.”

What made you decide to start playing music?

 “My mom got me into the Beatles early on and I began playing drums at 6. It kind of just progressed from there and when I was 13 I began writing songs and taught myself guitar. Blink 182 was the first band that made me realize I wanted to some how make music my career.”

Ideally, in five years where do you see yourself?

 “Touring on a new album. Writing songs for other artists and continuing to experiment and write different kinds of music.”

 What has been the greatest thing that’s happened to you because of Weatherstar?

 “There have been so many great things. I feel like being able to travel the country and meet new people along the way has been the greatest thing.”

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