'The Real World: St. Thomas' Recap: Episode 9 "Who Done It?"

Swift, Trey, and Brandon decide to confront Robb about his self harm issues. The boys share that his drinking habits maybe leading him to conflict  pain on himself and that Marie’s behavior towards him could be exacerbating the issue. Robb takes responsibility  for his actions and lets them know that he will work on it. But as for not hanging out with Marie anymore…he still does.

As the episode continues, a new drama has emerged. The audience is now learning that LaToya and Swift may have had something going on behind the scenes and oddly enough, it was not caught on camera. Swift becomes very aggravated by his roommates saying that he is gay. Trey and Laura start to make remarks about it but it really upsets him only when LaToya chimes in.

Maria and Robb’s relationship turns toxic really quick. After a luxurious lobster dinner provided by the islands own rich mogul, Philipo, Robb becomes more irritated with Marie when she shares that Philpo was flirting with her.

An argument breaks out about what really happened between LaToya and Swift. LaToya wants a third patty perspective on this whole situation and brings in Marie and Robb. Swift claims that he and LaToya have hooked up twice and LaToya fights back saying it NEVER happened.

Not only is Swift having drama with LaToya, but now some is surfacing with Marie. Swift continues to take stabs at Marie about her drinking habits and Marie is persistent with calling Swift out on how he treats women and his lying streak. While intoxicated, Robb tries to converse with Swift about the way he treats Marie. Swift refuses to partake in conservation with someone who is drunk. To add to the list of people who have issue with Swift, Robb has just signed his name.

Swift realizes that he has been missing something since starting this journey. He decides to go to church to ease his mind and calm himself down. He is a changed man when he returns. He brought LaToya her favorite food and left a note. His kind gesture confuses LaToya but she accepts it.

I feel that something did happen between LaToya and Swift, but I don’t believe it went as far as Swift says it did. Then again, Trey brought up a good point in regards to LaToya’s aggressive reaction to the statements when he said, “LaToya has more to lose then Swift.”  This would make sense because LaToya always is an advocate for women who respect themselves and stay classy.

Do you think LaToya and Swift really hooked up? Team Swift? or Team Toya?

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