'Teen Wolf' Season 2 Finale Recap: 'Master Plan'

Season finale time! Which means plenty of action, heartbreaking, tears, character death, and a frustrating I’m-going-to-pull-my-hair-out cliffhanger. Or does it?

Starting out the episode, Mama McCall follows Jackson’s body to the hospital, since by now she knows better than to leave any of these people’s bodies alone.

That doesn’t look comfortable.

We find out where Stiles ended up—namely, the Argent’s basement, where he’s kept company by Erica and Boyd, wrists bound and hanging from the ceiling with electrified wire. Gerard shows up to be evil, and Stiles defaults to being sassy in the danger of the situation, winning himself a beat-down from Allison’s grandpa.

The Sheriff is visibly upset about Stiles being missing, and asks Scott and Isaac to contact him if they find out anything at all. Meanwhile, the coach has an odd heart-to-heart with Scott, and after making sure everyone leaves the locker room, Scott tears the door off Stiles’ locker to get some items to use to…scent him. Like bloodhounds. But, interrupting that brilliant plan is Derek and Peter, who apparently snuck into the locker room when no one was looking and are hoping for a discussion.

Scott is reasonably disturbed by the appearance of the recently dead creepy uncle (Peter), but they get over their differences for the time being in order to thwart Gerard’s plan.

Speaking of Gerard, Chris is obviously onto whatever plan he has set up, and confronts him about it, getting close to nothing. Papa Argent also has a talk with Allison, and isn’t too pleased with those results, either, noticing that his daughter is falling right into whatever plan Gerard has set up.

Your heart has officially been touched.

Back at the hospital, Mama McCall notices that, ew, Jackson’s body is covered in some sort of ooze. She, thankfully, immediately notifies Scott about this.

Then, out of nowhere, Stiles shows up at his house, prompting a heart-touching reunion between him and his dad, Stiles making up or perhaps reciting an excuse for his injury.

At the Hale house, meanwhile, Peter produces a miraculously unharmed laptop from the stairs, which holds all of the Hale’s records.

Lydia shows up at Stiles’ house, distraught over Jackson’s death. Stiles, of course, does his best to comfort her, but they’re interrupted when they get a pretty serious text message. Lydia storms out, against Stiles’ wishes, to go save Jackson.

Eww, Kanima goo.

Scott and Isaac, meanwhile, jumped to the hospital when we weren’t looking to see what’s up with Jackson’s body. They decide they have no idea, when Jackson (dead Jackson), twitches in the body bag, and bares his Kanima teeth. Probably not a good thing. Derek and Peter dive into the Hale database, and find out that Jackson is going to transform into a beautiful butterfly! Or, more like, a stage two boss—the Kanima is going through a metamorphosis, and if they don’t find a way to stop it, it’ll be bad news for basically everyone.

The Hales instruct their betas to bring the body over, but the bodysnatchers get interrupted by Chris…who then decides to help them get Jackson to the rendezvous point before he turns mega darkside.

Time for another heart-to-heart between Stiles and Papa Stilinski, wherein the Sheriff proclaims Stiles a “hero”. Obviously, Stiles disagrees with him, but I doubt anyone in the audience did.

Back to the pack, they get Jackson to Derek, who decides he wants to kill him. Also, Gerard is there, and gives the required Master Villain Speech to explain his whole plan to the room. Scott bringing Jackson to Derek meant that Gerard could follow them, and finally get to the alpha, which was sort of his plan this whole season.

The Kanima goes a little ballistic and starts attacking everyone, which calls for a super awesome werewolf fight scene, where Derek, Scott, and Isaac team up on the Kanima…and still lose. It doesn’t help that Allison subdues Isaac…before getting grabbed by the Kanima?

If your alpha bite looks like this, you may want to make an appointment with your local witch doctor.

Gerard steps out of the shadows, and continues his evil monologue, revealing that he’s wanted the bite of the alpha all along! Because he has cancer, and is dying. Scott grabs the paralyzed Derek, and forces his mouth open for Gerard to stick his arm in, then makes him bite down.

Gerard successfully gets the bite.

And then starts oozing black goo.

It turns out that Scott had—with the help of Deaton—predicted Gerard’s motives, and had replaced the pills in his case with mountain ash capsules, forcing Gerard’s body to reject the bite.

Grandpa Argent obviously isn’t pleased with this course of development, and orders the Kanima to kill everyone there. Luckily, Stiles and Lydia choose that moment to burst into the room and save the day with the Jeep, running the Kanima over.

Obviously, this doesn’t quite kill it, and the Kanima goes after Lydia…who presents Jackson’s house key to him, breaking him out of the Kanima’s spell. He backs off. And then Derek and Peter gank him, stabbing the now vulnerable Jackson with their werewolf claws.

Lydia sets Jackson’s lifeless body down, and everyone notices that Gerard has crawled away, giving little notice. But, then, Jackson starts moving, and has the most dramatic rising up ever in the headlights of the Jeep, howling at the ceiling in his finally attained werewolf state.

Cue the winding down of the episode, setting things up for another season. Allison breaks up with Scott, which he is surprisingly okay with, convinced they’ll be together eventually.

Everyone and their mother gets to be a werewolf these days.

Oh, and by the way, Erica and Boyd still exist, as becomes evident when it cuts to them in the woods, surrounded by another werewolf pack!

Deaton and the school counselor are conspiring, delivering some vague dialogue implying a bigger role than we’ve seen, and Derek, Peter, and Isaac go back to the Hale house, to find the mark of another pack on their door.

Apparently, not only is there another werewolf pack in Beacon Hills—it’s a pack of alphas.

After that plot bomb, we get a nice scene of Stiles and Scott playing lacrosse to wrap up the season.

So, this season finale was surprisingly…final. Sure, we got enough plot threads hanging around to go into next season, but many of the characters reached the end of their arcs, and despite teasing us with a multitude of new information, it didn’t feel like a cliffhanger we were being lead onto.

All in all, pretty satisfying.

But that’s not to say I’m not excited for next season.

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