Suits 2.09 "Asterisk"

It’s that time of the week again, Suitors! Thursdays are always the best for me. Wonderful things happened in this week’s episode, like more Rachel and Mike scenes, Donna’s back, and were starting to see what kind of person Louis Litt is. Oh, did I mention DONNA’S BACK? Well she is.

Starting off the episode we see Harvey waiting for Donna outside of her house. He came to bring her her bonus check and he came to get her back. He says a lot of sweet things like ‘I can’t be me without you”. She also tells him she loves him like a brother… or a cousin. (REALLY?!) Anyways Louis is handing out the bonus’ to the associates but he tells Mike that there wasn’t one for him. Mike went to Harvey and he personally gave Mike’s bonus to him. As far as the look on Mike’s face goes it seems to be an impressing number. Daniel asks to see Louis to break the news to him that he is making Lewis a senior partner at the firm, but he doesn’t want him to tell anyone yet because they will announce it at the next senior partners meeting. The same meeting that they will be voting on the managing partner. -_-

Watch out Pearson Hardman. Donna’s back! Donna’s conditions on coming back were 1) She got another check because she ripped the first one in half. 2) She got to fire Harvey’s new secretary. Have I mentioned lately that I WANT DONNA AND HARVEY TO LOVE EACH OTHER? Harvey and Mike try to defend their client by showing he was just stating his opinion, but some footage shot when he was unaware proved otherwise. Their case will be going to trial. Louis goes to Donna and apologizes for what he did to her in their “mock trial”. While he’s talking to her he is overzealous about something and Donna quickly figures it out. Since Donna knows Jessica wasn’t the one to name him senior partner, she goes to let Jessica know Daniel’s plan.

Mike’s grandmother walks out of Rachel’s office with her. She thoroughly embarrasses him in front of Harvey and Rachel. She brought him lunch because she wanted to meet the people he works with. Jessica walks into Daniel’s office and tries to offer him a deal. He declines, so naturally they argue about who will peel who off the walls. Jessica and Harvey are discussing how Harvey is the thorn in Louis’ side and how he needs to pull it out, because Louis Litt is the deciding vote. Rachel is still making fun of Mike because his grandma brought him lunch. Mike is looking for an apartment in Manhattan for his gammy to live. Rachel is awed by how much he loves his grandmother.

Meanwhile, Louis is skyping his parents, and Harvey walks in. Harvey says he wants to take Louis out for a congratulatory dinner at 8. At dinner Harvey confesses about everything he needed his help with five years ago. He tells him that the financials he was looking up then were Pearson Hardman’s and why he was checking them. He also let him know that Daniel was the one stealing the money and Daniel was blaming it all on him. Louis sees now that Harvey didn’t just want to be friends, that he had a hidden agenda. Louis gets angry and storms off. Rachel and Mike are looking at the apartment they picked out for Gammy when Mike has to leave to meet Harvey. They meet with Zelinski who essentially just yells at them to do their jobs. Harvey tries to talk to Louis again and he told him to run back to mommy and tell her “even the great Harvey Specter couldn’t close me”.

This is an awesome scene because it shows how okay Mike and Rachel’s friendship is, even after the breakup. Rachel takes a sealed envelope over to Mike to show him she took her LSAT’s. She wanted him to open it and she said if its under a 160 just throw it away and don’t even tell her. He fakes her out and tells her she scored a 172. She’s going to be a lawyer! Mike figured out who Zelinski’s source was. Harvey went to tell Jessica that he couldn’t close him. Harvey offers Jessica his office to give to Louis. When she asked him if he was sure he replied “Remember when you questioned if I could put your needs above mine?” Here’s your answer. (Nailed it!) I’m not exactly sure what kind of relationship this is between Harvey and Jessica, but I’m anxious to find out.

Jessica walks into Louis’ office and he scorns and threatens her. She tells him what Harvey said she could do, and that she had every intention of doing it when she went in there, but she doesn’t respond to threats. Louis lost every chance he ever had to get Harvey’s office. Jessica threatens him that if he’s on the wrong side after the vote, there’s no coming back. Lewis goes into Daniel’s office to confront him about five years ago. Of course Daniel is spitting the same “I’m a changed man” speech to Louis that he’s been spitting all season. (Really dude. Its time for a game change.) He tells Lewis that his senior partnership does not depend on his vote because he “earned it”.

Zelinski took the deal. Jessica, Harvey, and Lewis have an unsettling run in, and at this point no one’s sure who Louis will vote for.

And the last scene. I knew as soon as we saw Mike in the new apartment things weren’t right. I paused the TV and I almost didn’t finish the episode because I was sure something bad happened. As soon as I un-paused the TV there was Jessica at the door. She let Mike know that someone had been calling him at the office all day because that was the emergency number they had for his grandmother at the nursing home. His Gammy passed away. This scene was so extremely hard to watch and I think it was wonderful that Rachel was at least there for him, but I see him going off the deep end without his grandmother. RIP Edith Ross. 2011-2012

See you next week guys! Until then #WWHD?

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