'L.A. Complex' Predictions: What will happen by the end of Season 2???

What will happen to your favorite L.A. Complex characters in the remaining half of the season? We don’t know for sure, but we can make a few guesses! Voila our predictions for Season 2, using the uber-sophisticated traffic light system. Here’s the key:

 This happens and we switch back to Bachelor reruns.
 This isn’t too farfetched… but surprise us, already!
 This might run the show into the ground but we’d buy box sets for the whole family and watch it on repeat.



The King of California ended Season 1 by battering his boyfriend Tariq after they were caught kissing.  Tariq signs an agreement never to discuss his relationship with the closeted rap star and books the first flight back to Toronto.  Kal proceeds to give up his “king bling” necklace and alienate nearly everyone around him… except for his recently reunited ex-con father, Walter.  We last saw Daddy Walter offering his son salvation in the form of a woman, Donna.

 Donna’s kid turns out to be a rap prodigy and Kal takes him on Bieber-style, decides to make his career “about the kids.”

  Kal seems to be undergoing a major image overhaul.  He axes the drugs and models and uses Donna as his new beard until he works up the courage to come out to his dad.

 Our wildest dream? Kal makes up with Rook, befriends Donna, and converts his mansion into a home for orphaned boys, a la Bruce Wayne.



Despite a horrible audition, Abby lands a guest role on the hit Christian TV show Saying Grace.  After breaking up with Nick because their relationship is moving too fast, Abby almost immediately moves in with co-stars Brandon and Laura, who invite her into a threesome.  Abby and Brandon admit to each other that they have real feelings, but so does Laura… who wants Abby all to herself.

 Abby gets a regular role on Saying Grace, exits the Donovan threesome without a scratch, and offers her new sexy skills to Connor and Jenn.

 Crazy Eyes Laura finally gets a whiff of the love stank between Abby and Connor and gets her fired from the show.  And on to the next disaster…

 Just because Abby’s gotten it easy this season, we’d love to see an on-screen bitch fight with Crazy Eyes that makes its way to the tabloids and nabs Abby guest spots on daytime talk shows.



The Lux’s resident aspiring comic began Season 2 with a hot girlfriend a new job.  Of course, nothing comes easily for Nick.  He discovers that he must compete with Sabrina, his most recent fling, for the writer position.  Sabrina terrorizes Nick for the viewing pleasure of others, and our favorite nerd can only win the upper hand by joining his boss on coke-lined adventures to the local brothel.

 Nick gets totally fired after Scott OD’s on coke and va-jay-jay. With no purpose left in life, he begs for Abby’s forgiveness, only to be targeted as the new object of crazy Laura’s affections.

 Sabrina gets optioned as Paul F. Tompkins’ newest on-screen candy, leaving Nick to write her lines and take revenge once and for all. (Okay, so maybe this one’s a little farfetched.)

 If we were writing the show? Nick would become a staff writer on Raquel’s upcoming Celebrity Halfway House, where he would finally meet a girl he could be on level ground with (and whose name might just be Katie???).



Desperately clinging to the coattails of a career, Raquel spent the majority of Season 1 using half the show’s characters for her own personal gain.  Not that she ever gained too much.  This season, Raquel has suffered an unwanted pregnancy, a bad breakup, a DUI, and a lawsuit from Cactibear II—the career-ending movie that fired her.

 At the last second, Raquel backs out of Celebrity Halfway House. (As you might have noticed, our predictions have a lot riding on this show…)

 Raquel loses the baby and continues her downward spiral into the finale, leading to the show’s third attempted suicide.

 Raquel finds solace in Eddie, the Lux’s manager, who convinces her to take a break from acting in favor of a more hilarious pursuit: catalog modeling.



This Critical Unit star was last seen setting fire to his house.  Connor begs Raquel to be his girlfriend, but quickly receives an offer from B-list celebrity Jennifer Bell to be her contracted beau in an effort to boost their careers.  But this fake relationship becomes real after Raquel’s continued downward spiral leads her to some harsh words that convince Connor to pack his bags for good.

 Jenn pretends to be preggers for the press, distracting Connor from the fact that he has a real baby chillaxing in some other girl’s belly (provided the crash/excessive drinking weren’t endgame).

 Connor guest starts on Raquel’s upcoming Celebrity Halfway House and realizes (a) that he still has feelings for her and/or (but please ‘and’) (b) that he has some issues of his own.

 We would love to see Jenn force Connor to attend group therapy, opening the door for LIMITLESS celebrity cameos.


Beth & Simon

New characters Beth and Simon Pirelli made their debut as a brother and sister living out of their car after being abandoned by their father.  Precocious Simon has dreams of the silver screen, but all Beth can see are dollar signs.  Against Simon’s wishes, Beth continues using lies to ferret her brother through cracks in the industry machine.  Though Beth already has admirers back at the Lux, she was last spotted having an affair with a married man.

 Beth begins to stalk Stage Dad Jack with Laura-level crazy eyes… and his wife turns out to be TYSON’S BITCH MOM!

 Perhaps more likely… Simon is excited for his first real role, but Beth is once again too pushy.  The producers move to call Simon’s agent, and when Beth’s cell rings, they’re both booted off-set.

 Beth lands a job in an agency mailroom and is repeatedly demeaned until she is force to GROW UP once and for all.  Simon’s cool with it and keeps acting because he’s smart and whatever.


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